Coziest Places to Study at RIT

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No matter what major you are at RIT, you’ve got some homework and projects to work on and some studying to do. I am here to help you find a place to do all of this while staying comfortable. I am always adventuring around campus to find the next best studying space at RIT... that has plugs of course! Here are some of my favorite spots I’ve found. 

Coffee Shops
Shocker right? Java’s, Artesano's and Midnight Oil all have great vibes and an ample source of caffeine at your fingertips to keep you awake. You have to make sure sure you either go early or when classes are changing to make sure you can secure a spot that has a plug, they’re in very high demand. 

Students studying in Java's coffee shop

This also is a given but sadly many people overlook this option. I’ve found the library to be a huge resource for me when I need to buckle down and crank work out. The library has different levels of quietness, the higher you go up the quieter it gets. The tall brown tables in the back of the first floor are my favorite because they are comfortable and have many plugs. The second-floor Mac area is great if you need a big screen to work on some creative projects and don’t have a lab to do them in. Next to the VIA Lab(all the Windows computers) on the second floor, there are a bunch of tables with plugs that are great to work at. One of the tables next to the large pillar has a strip of outlets under it too! If you need to snooze in between your organic chemistry homework and biology studying, the third-floor study pods in the far back corner are the best. They recline, have a footrest, privacy and plugs under the seat. When in doubt, book a study room in advance to secure your study spot. Search on the library’s website and it’s very easy to book a room for just yourself or up to thirteen people for some rooms. 

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Student Alumni Union (SAU)
The SAU has so many hidden gems for studying. During my first year, I would always go to the big table in the basement next to the waterfall and the College Activities Board(CAB) office. I loved the dimmer lights like a coffee shop had, and there isn’t as much foot traffic around there. And of course, plugs! 

Students studying next to the waterfall under the Campus Center

On a chilly day when you want to just go into your warm bed and watch Netflix, but you can’t because you have homework, the Fireside Lounge is the next best thing. Move a chair right next to the fireplace, plug your laptop in and you’re all set up for maximum studying comfort! The Reading Room and the lounge next to it above the Campus Center is never busy and a great place to go to with a large group. 

Miscellaneous Places 
The new Magic and Sustainability buildings have some great conference rooms and study nooks. Beware though, sometimes they are booked for faculty to use. When in doubt, if you have a spare thirty minutes one day, go explore different buildings than your normal ones. RIT has so many great little nooks around campus, you just have to find them! 

Students lounging in the MAGIC building on couches and chairs

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