Did Someone Say Burritos???


Today is a special day for Mexican food fanatics: it’s National Burrito Day! Here’s a bunch of interesting facts and fun information, just for you burrito lovers out there.

The Origin of the Burrito

No one knows the exact origin of the burrito, however there are many different theories. One of my favorites was that there was a merchant who was trying to sell rice and beans in a more convenient way than on plates, hence the idea of wrapping the ingredients up into a large tortilla shell was invented. No origin is confirmed, but burritos were introduced to the United States by Mexican migrant workers who would eat them for lunch. Tacos were invented far longer ago than burritos. In fact, burritos are fairly new. They were popularized in the 1950’s. However, burritos back then were pretty basic, they usually contained just beans and rice. Today people get really creative with their burritos. A noteworthy burrito that changed the game was the Mission burrito from El Faro in San Francisco. It strayed away from the common burrito: it added salsa, corn, meat and other ingredients.

Different Kinds of Burritos

First of all let’s clear up one thing: burritos are much different than tacos. Burritos are much larger than tacos; one is supposed to comprise a whole meal, where as you would need to eat multiple tacos to feel full. Additionally, corn tortillas used with tacos but are barely used with burritos because they often will split with the mass of ingredients inside.  Flavored tortilla shells are popular with burritos, but the classic tortilla for burritos is a flour tortilla. The biggest rule when getting a burrito is don’t hold back. Burritos are meant to be filled up, so try to be adventurous. You can load your burrito with traditional ingredients, or you can go with a different type of burrito. Three delicious alternatives are breakfast burritos, wet burritos, and burrito bowls. Breakfast burritos are a perfect (and healthy) breakfast meal. Take it from me, it is a great way to start the day. Basically, they combine regular burrito ingredients with breakfast food such as scrambled eggs. YUM. A wet burrito is a regular burrito covered in sauce such as chili sauce or enchilada sauce. For those who don’t love spiciness, drowning your burrito in melted cheese, you can’t go wrong with that. A burrito bowl is all the delicious ingredients without the wrap. It is mixed in a bowl, kind of like a burrito salad. Moral of the story: there are a lot of choices, just be adventurous.

How to Celebrate

Obviously, eat a burrito. Lucky for you, there’s a delicious option right on campus: Salsarita’s! Salsarita's offers freshly prepared made-to-order tacos, burritos, quesadillas, Mexican pizzas, nachos, and salads with fresh ingredients and a variety of salsas and sides. Make sure you head over to Global Village today to grab a burrito, and let us know in the Facebook comments what your favorite type of burrito is! For this article, that’s a wrap.