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This year, the RIT Parking and Transportation Office has been making some major changes to improve the overall experience for students. It doesn’t have to be difficult to live at college without a car. RIT has added new transportation routes and options to make traveling easier for everyone. Here are 5 reasons you should take the shuttles at RIT. 

NEW Off Campus Routes
Last year, there were limited off-campus routes on weekdays. There are now two stops each hour on Monday through Friday at Marketplace Mall, Wal-Mart, MCC Annex, and multiple connections to RTS routes. Be sure to check out all the commuter options with our Off Campus Express Routes (1 and 2) on our website or through the TransLoc app! 

RIT shuttle in Gleason Circle

Pull the Cord to Stop
The shuttles pass many stops near residence halls and parking lots along their routes. If you are riding a shuttle and want to get off before the final stop, pull the cord prior to your stop so the shuttle driver knows to let you off! Please visit our website for shuttle schedules!

B Lot Shuttle
No need to circle crowded lots or park illegally! Consider the B Lot shuttle – it’s a 5 minute bus ride from the B Lot bus shelter to Gleason Circle or a 10 minute ride to CIMS/J Lot. The shuttle runs on a published schedule and has plenty of room!  

B-Lot shuttle sitting in parking lot

Friday Night Shuttle
The Friday night shuttle was introduced last year. It is similar to the Saturday Night shuttle that brings you to the East and Alexander area; the only difference is that it leaves RIT on Friday nights and delivers students directly to Park Avenue in Downtown Rochester! Check out the schedule for times and drop-off locations. 
TransLoc App
The TransLoc App finds the nearest bus stops to you, your desired stop’s schedule, and you can track the specific bus you’re trying to catch. It is easy to use and super convenient: You can even see how many minutes are left until your bus will arrive at your stop! Download the TransLoc App today to keep track of your daily buses! 

Screenshot of TransLoc app map

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