Experience VR for Free at RIT Hockey Games!

We all know how fun and exhilarating both men’s and women’s hockey games are here at RIT, but what if your experience could be even more thrilling? Well, now you are able to get up close and personal with the players on both Division 1 hockey teams! RIT Arenas is extremely excited to announce that a brand new Virtual Reality Experience is now being offered to anyone who attends the men’s and women’s hockey games! You will put on a headset, and go behind the scenes- off the ice and into the locker rooms. You will not only learn how the ice in the rink is painted, you will be able to virtually hang out with players in their locker rooms, checkout the ice baths, and stand in the tunnel where players enter the ice, surrounded by fans! The experience uses specific Oculus headsets that show two separate videos. One of the videos is a 3D world built by Chad Cooper, a graduate student studying Visual Communication Design at RIT. The other video uses a 360 degree camera to produce a video where you move your head around, and see different angles of the Gene Polisseni Center.. “We needed a way to connect RIT hockey fans with the players and to build the relationship between the fan and the player,” said Director of Strategic Marketing for RIT Student Auxiliary Services, Denishea Ortiz. She also stated, “We saw the perfect opportunity to combine RIT’s values of innovation and collaboration while bringing more to the fans.” At a school like RIT with an immense amount of spirit and a strong focus on innovation, why not combine the two into something as exciting as VR? RIT’s experience with VR goes way beyond the Gene Polisseni Center. RIT’s MAGIC Center has worked with the Buffalo Bills to create a VR experience, allowing fans to see New Era Field in a fresh, inventive way. Going virtually behind the scenes at the Gene Polisseni Center will be available at every Division 1 hockey game going forward, so you have plenty of time to try it out. Please visit RITtickets.com, or call the RIT Box Office at 585-475-4121 to purchase tickets to your next hockey game!