Free Electives

With shopping carts opening last week, many of us are left wondering how to fill those few extra free elective spots. You’ve taken all your pre-reqs and now what? Free electives can be an opportunity to branch out and learn a new skill or experience something you would probably never otherwise pursue.
So we here at Behind the Bricks, have scoured the internet, reddit and SIS to bring you some of the most highly recommended, unusual, and maybe even practical classes you can take.

  • Wines of the World

This class has gained a level of fame at RIT that surpasses most. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about wine history, vineyard methods, and sample some wine along the way, this is the class for you!

  • Personal Financial Management

Okay, so this might not be the most exciting class to take, but it fit under the category of “adulting things I should learn.” The class covers a multitude of topics such as personal taxes, housing and mortgages, consumer credit and all the fun things you should at least know a bit about before you enter the real world.

  • History of Madness

We’re going to say this fits under the category of “why in the world does this class exist?!” But nonetheless, it does, and if this sounds interesting to you, we’ll leave it at this brief snippet of the class description:  

“...This course will study the changes in definitions, explanations, and depictions of madness as expressed in psychiatric texts, asylum records, novelists, cartoonists, artists, photographers, filmmakers–and patient narratives...”

  • Introduction to Music/Film/Theatre

This is actually three separate classes but if you’ve ever wanted to dip your toes into music, film or theatre, taking one of these classes would be the way to go. Where else can you be listening to music or watching movies and call it homework?

  • Storytelling

Have you ever wanted to give a TED talk? Or maybe you have an aspiration to be a standup comedian? Well either way if you want to learn about storytelling, this could be the class for you. The class covers all kind of storytelling modes - such as oral, written, visual, dramatic, digital, ASL, augmented or mixed-reality.

  • Ceramics for Non-Majors

This class if just one in a whole category of “___ for non majors.” You have your painting class, your drawing class, and here, you have ceramics. So if you have always wanted to work with your hands, but are in a non-fine art or design major, make sure you put this class in your cart! And who knows, you can even come out with some bowls or cups that you can use as last minute gifts when you forget your mom’s birthday is next week.

So what classes have you taken as free electives? Which ones did we miss?

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