Gym time!

Are you thinking about getting fit for summer? Or maybe just develop new health habits? Personally, I started using the gym facilities this summer quarter and I regret not doing it before because of all the services that the gym offers that I didn’t know I was missing. The gym includes an Olympic-size pool with swim lanes and a recreation pool with a hot tub and basketball courts in the pool! How cool is that? I’m not really good at sports but trying out playing basketball in a pool was definitely fun! I also liked that there are flat screens at the gym so you can watch TV and exercise at the same time, as well as bikes with a video screen where you can race a ghost and trust me that’s a pretty good incentive to finish that race!


RIT students have free access to all of these facilities, but did you know that you can also bring your family members or friends outside of RIT so they can enjoy the facilities too? By acquiring a paid membership, family members and alumni can join you so you don’t have to work out alone. I know I hate going to the gym alone. They can sign up for a full year, for the summer or by semester. The gym had a total of 720 quarter paid memberships throughout 2011-2012 and this does not count the free membership for students, faculty and staff. The RIT community is definitely aware of the importance of maintaining healthy habits such as exercising or simply practicing your favorite sport.

 While at the gym, I ran into my friend Cesar who is a frequent user of the gym facilities and enjoys taking classes. This quarter he decided to face one of his biggest fears: Swimming.


Above photo: Cesar doing his normal workout at the gym.

"I remember one guy who was scared to death to dive into the pool and by the end of the course he could swim a few laps with no problem! My goal is to know how to swim by the end of the summer. I’m convinced I’ll be able to do that too because I have improved a lot since the first week. I’ve improved breathing and kicking which are the basic actions for swimming. In my opinion, I think RIT students should take advantage of these courses."


If you or any of your family members are looking for specific classes, you can take one of the courses offered by the Wellness Instructional Program. From basketball, volleyball, ice skating, ultimate Frisbee to even martial arts such as karate, Kung Fu or Brazilian capoeira, the courses are designed to meet all different interests of students, faculty and staff. As a student, you are required to take two wellness classes before you graduate, but you are not limited to only two. For your first two classes, the wellness fee is waived but every time after that, the fee is added to your student account.

“I’ve taken Turbo Kick, Ballroom Dancing, Yoga and Volleyball, and some more than once! I tried to take at least one every quarter,” says Brittany from the Social Media Team.

Feel like you need a little more direction with your workout? According to Jennifer Lewis, Associate Director for Recreation, the RIT Fitness Lab offers the Fitness Assessment service that provides student or professional trainers.  With your trainer, you can create an exercise program based on your personal interests, and be guided and monitored by the staff so you can achieve your goals.

Whether you were an athletic student in high school or just decided to start exercising in college, you should definitely take advantage of the gym membership at RIT and enjoy all the services it has to offer!

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Written by: Ivonna Cabrera 

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