Home for Now? Here's What You Can Do

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Because a lot of internships and co-ops are now virtual, many students will be spending their summers back in their hometown. Although you may have been excited to travel to a new city, you’ll learn to love your hometown again in no time! Here’s what you can do to keep yourself entertained and refreshed:
  1. Be a tacky tourist
Every city has those ‘basic’ tourist spots that you probably haven’t been to in forever. But they’re popular in your town for a reason! 
  1. Reach out to your old friends
Even if you’ve lost touch with your friends from your hometown, send them a message. That way, you’ll have a few people to go on adventures with! 

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  1. Spend time with your family
This may be one of the last times you get to spend an extended period of time with your family. Take advantage of it while you can! You’ll miss them when you’re gone. 
  1. Look up unique spots in your city
Every city has some trendy new spots you may not know about. There are a lot of articles online that outline some of the newest places you can visit. 
  1. Go on day trips
Because taking a full day trip to a park or a beach isn’t something you typically do everyday, it will be a fun way to switch things up! 

girl sitting on a sunny mountain looking at the trees

  1. Start a new hobby
Naturally, new interests and new hobbies lead you to meet new people. By doing something different, you might go to places that you didn’t even know existed before! 
  1. Follow city social accounts
There are many social media accounts for cities and towns that outline cool and trendy new places that you can visit. Follow some of these accounts in your area to stay in the loop! 
  1. Don’t lose touch with your friends from RIT
While you’re occupied having fun and working hard in your hometown, don’t lose touch with your friends from RIT. Keep scheduling virtual game nights and Zoom calls to make your transition back to school as smooth as possible! 
  1. Occupy your spare time with new skills
Have some extra time on your hands? Embrace your inner nerd and teach yourself a new skill! If it relates to your field of study, even better!

 a picture of a jar filled with paint brushes
  1. Don’t take the little things for granted
Being at home for the summer may not be your first choice, but don’t take the little things for granted. It’s warm, it’s summertime, and it’s up to you to make the most out of your experience! 


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