How to Get Ahead of the Job Search During Winter Break

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Winter break is a great time to get ahead on the summer internship or full-time job search. With the new year, many companies are getting their new budgets and new jobs might be popping up left and right. So when the holiday cheer wears off and you find yourself looking for things to do, here are our best tips to advance your job search:

1. Keep Your Eyes Peeled on Job Posting Sites

“Job posting site” can be a very broad term. You have your standards like Indeed or Glassdoor, but make sure you also check LinkedIn - new jobs are posted there every day. Additionally, if there are specific companies you are interested in, you can look on their company website or even social media channels as you might get the chance to be one of the first applicants this way.

2. Look for Companies You Might Want to Work For

Maybe you’re not at the stage yet where you’re ready to apply for specific positions, or you feel overwhelmed by the number of postings and don’t even know where to begin. You could start by simply researching companies in your field, what kind of work they do, who works there, etc.. to see if it’s a place you would be interested in working. This can help you narrow down your search and make your resume more targeted.

3. Reach Out to Alumni in Your Field

If you’re in the group of people who have no idea what you’re going to do after you finish school or what jobs are available to graduates of your major, your best bet might be reaching out to alumni of your school. Tell them you’re a student, and ask to chat or grab a cup of coffee. Learn what they do and ask for their post-grad tips. Hopefully, you will not only come away with career tips but a useful industry connection.

Taking these steps can give you a good head start as you head into the spring semester, prep you for the career fair, or even just give you a better idea of where you might end up after you leave the halls of RIT. What are your best job-searching tips?

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