How To Personalize a Care Package Based on Personality

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Let's face it. Now matter how much you're loving college, receiving a care package from a family member or friend can be one of the warmest feelings. Sending a care package is one of the best ways to show an RIT student that you're thinking of them, even from many miles away. However, care packages can be tricky to put together; they should have a wonderful combination of items that are both useful and personal. We've assembled a list of items that will give you ideas of what to include in a care package that you're putting together. 

The Athletic Student

Students that are spending time in the gym or on a team could use items to help them hydrate and recover.

  • Reusable water bottle
  • Protein bars
  • Face wipes - These are great to have when you aren't able to shower directly after working out. 

Metal water bottle on dock

The Penny Pincher

Students that like to save money need the day-to-day absolute essentials. 

  • Cash for a Dining Dollars reload - Dining Dollars go quickly, especially when you need to buy a coffee everyday. 
  • Detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets
  • Gas card - There is a FasTrac and Speedway close to campus. 

Hand pumping gas

The Eco-Friendly Student

Sending something that is useful and kind to the planet is a double win. 

  • Window plant - Include a small pot, a sealed bag of soil, and a sealed bag of seeds for easiest shipping.  
  • Metal straws and utensils 
  • Reusable shopping bags - Wegmans is no longer using plastic bags, so this is very useful. 

Window surrounded by plants

The Carless Pioneer 

Not having a car can be troublesome. Although RIT has free transportation busses, it can be tricky to explore places outside of the bus routes. 

  • Uber, Lyft, Zipcar, UberEats, or Grubhub gift cards
  • Unique toiletries - If Target doesn't have your favorite shampoo. 
  • Waterproof socks - An essential for walking a lot in Rochester. 

Man driving a car

The Homesick Student

Everyone can get a little homesick once in a while. Send something that reminds them of home. 

  • Homemade baked goods
  • Photo frame
  • Handwritten letter

Chocolate chip cookies

The Sick Student

It's bound to happen in college. When the cold or flu goes around, it can be a major bummer. Get them something that will help them bounce back ASAP. 

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tissues - Lotion infused tissues are the best in cold, dry weather. 
  • Tea bags 

Box of tissues by a window

The Bookworm 

Who doesn't love to read in their free time? It's so relaxing. 

  • Mug - Sip on something warm to get nice and cozy. 
  • New books - ShopOne has some unique options! 
  • Bookmark

Person reading a book in their lap while holding a drink in a mug

The Gamer 

Many RIT students love to play games. They're a fun and simple way to stay entertained! 

  • Blue light glasses - For those that love video games, staring at a screen can be hard on the eyes. 
  • Deck of cards
  • Healthy snacks 

Deck of cards fanned out on table

The Student that Frequently Pulls All-Nighters

We all know that student that either loves to study, or leaves a bit too much work for the last-minute. But, if they're going to do it, they might as well do it right. 

  • School supplies
  • Coffee - A LOT of coffee. 
  • Stain stick - For when you spill that coffee. 

Coffee with a notebook and laptop on table

The Student That Isn't Used to the Cold Weather

If you aren't from a cold area, coming to Rochester can be a bit shocking. 

  • B&N RIT Bookstore gift card - There is  a lot of warm RIT gear to choose from! 
  • Hand warmers
  • Hot cocoa 

Snow on trees

There are plenty of ways you can personalize a care package to make it unique and meaningful. If you send a care package to an RIT student this year, be sure to post a pic and tag us; we'd love to see what you've put together! 


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