It Just Keeps Gettin' Better: Parking at RIT

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Let’s be real. Parking at RIT can be frustrating from time to time. Luckily, the Parking and Transportation Office is here to help you. They are your go-to source for any questions or concerns about the rules, regulations, and opportunities available for campus parking and transportation. 

Each year, the Parking and Transportation Office is testing new systems with the help of Student Government to make the everyday parking experience smoother. Here are some of the perks of parking on campus that you might not know about: 

Parking is FREE for everyone after 5:00pm.
This includes on-campus, Park Point and Province residents! If you need to go anywhere on campus, you can drive your car and park after 5:00 pm (and on weekends too)! 

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ParkMobile is here!
ParkMobile is perfect for short term parking, and a permit is not required for ParkMobile spaces. If you’re unable to park on campus because you’re a Park Point or Province resident, you are allowed to park in the newly designated ParkMobile spaces. There is a 2.5 hour maximum time limit and it is only $1 for an hour! All you have to do is download the FREE ParkMobile app, create an account, and pay for short-term parking in lots D, F, J or S. 

Hesitant to try it? There are perks. Each time you use the ParkMobile app on campus from now through the end of September, and enter promo code “Parking101”, you are entered to win free things from Amazon!  Remember, the Parking and Transportation Office is monitoring ParkMobile to see how students like it. They need feedback on it - try it out and let them know what you think!

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You don’t have to walk from B Lot!
Don’t bother circling around to look for a spot. Additional parking is available in B Lot with a valid general parking permit and registration. Because B Lot is far from many of the academic buildings on campus, RIT has added a shuttle that runs directly from B Lot to Gleason Circle (a shorter walk to your classes!) from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Check out the B Lot schedule for more information! 

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You have 10 days to appeal a citation.
If you feel that a citation you received was unfair or inaccurate, you have the ability to appeal a citation within 10 days of the ticket being issued to you. It is a quick process to pay or appeal a citation. Visit the citations section of the parking website for more information.  
RIT is working hard to improve the parking experience for students and faculty.

Don’t forget that every time you receive a citation, the cost increases. To ensure no fines come your way, there are a few things to remember. 

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Register your vehicle and purchase a permit
All vehicles need to be registered and have a valid permit. You can register your vehicle and purchase a permit at 

Check to make sure you’re not accidentally parked in a reserved spot
There are general parking spaces available in B, C, D, F, G, H, K, L, N and S lots. Not all reserved spots are marked. Typically, there are signs indicating the sections of reserved spaces. Even though there isn’t a sign right next to your spot, you still could be in a reserved section. Double check before you walk to class! Reserved spaces are restricted to reserved parking permit holders. Park in a general space to avoid a citation! 

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Here’s to a citation free semester. Drive safely and have an awesome school year! 

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