National Day of Unplugging

Did you know that today, Friday, March 8th, is National Day of Unplugging? From sundown-to-sundown a national initiative will be taking place for everyone to keep their phones turned off, computers shut down, and keep all other forms of technology use to a minimum. The goal of this day is to be present, and take note of all of the things that we miss in our day-to-day lives because we are “plugged in.” Whether we find ourselves texting nonstop, binge watching Netflix shows until all hours of the morning, or are constantly listening to music, this day is for us to take a break from it all. Check out the alternatives we’ve come up with to help you unplug!
  1. Netflix ➠Read a Book
As college students, many of us look forward to our late-night Netflix binges. While you may want to catch up on your favorite shows, use the evening of March 1st to read a book you’ve forgotten about! Not only will you most likely sleep better this night, but you will feel accomplished. This might even inspire you to continue reading the book!
  1. Listen to Music➠Be Present of Your Surroundings
As you walk down the quarter mile and through the library, you will see countless individuals with headphones in. While music is a great way to help relieve stress and sometimes help you concentrate while working on assignments, you tend to miss out on certain things happening in your immediate surroundings. Instead of putting headphones in as you walk to class, leave them at home on March 1st. You will be amazed at what you’ve been missing out on hearing, and it will allow you to be extremely present in the moment.
  1. Video Gaming ➠Board Gaming
There isn’t a doubt that RIT is packed with video gamers. Hey, our university even offers a major for it! For those of you finding yourselves gaming all the time, use March 1st to shut off the gaming console, and grab some friends for an old fashioned board game!
  1. If you must use your phone, keep it on DND
If you must use your phone throughout National Day of Unplugging, be sure to keep it on Do Not Disturb. We understand that it isn’t practical for everyone to completely power down their main source of communication due to work obligations, etc. At least if it is on Do Not Disturb, you won’t be constantly distracted by notifications popping up.
  1.  Meditate in the Morning
Most of us roll over and grab our phones as soon as we wake up in the morning. We check any notifications we may have missed while sleeping, then continue to scroll on social media. On March 1st, keep yourself from reaching directly for your phone. Instead, wake up, and spend five minutes meditating, and being present in the current moment. You will be amazed at how well your day goes! As you can probably tell, unplugging isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. Regardless if it is National Day of Unplugging or not, it is important for everyone to take breaks from technology. Living in the present moment, and noticing our surroundings is a great way to start. Give it a try!
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