The Official Off-Campus Senior Bucket List

Rochester Public Market at night with blog title banner

Many of us might take jobs in other cities after graduation. Believe it or not, Rochester actually has some pretty cool stuff to check out. Before you say goodbye, check these 10 classic Rochester activities off your list.  
1.    Take a late night trip to Jay’s Diner.
Jay’s is a staple among RIT students. If you haven’t been there yet, make sure  you go. It is a great place to spend time with friends, and it’s just down the road. It’s open 24 hours, so if you are really craving chocolate chip pancakes at 2:00AM, nothing is stopping you!  

Street View of Jay's Diner at night
2.    Go to Wegmans.
Wegmans is practically on every corner in Rochester. It is Rochester’s favorite grocery store chain. They have an amazing selection of prepared foods, so you could also pick up a healthy dinner there if you wanted to!
3.    Spend a day at the Public Market.
The public market truly has something for everyone; from freshly brewed coffee, to locally grown plants, to cuisines from different cultures. It is a great way to spend your Saturday mornings!

Rochester Public Market at sunset
4.    Have a study session at the OG Java’s downtown.
If Java Wally’s is your favorite coffee shop on campus, you might not know that it’s not the only Java’s location in Rochester. In fact, the original Java’s is in downtown Rochester, right by the Eastman School of Music. Check it out and decide which you like better!
5.    Walk along the Erie Canal.
The Erie Canal is part of Rochester’s rich history. It runs all the way from Albany through Rochester to Buffalo. It is the perfect place to bike, walk, or eat at restaurants.  

6.    Go to a Red Wing’s game!
Even if you’re not the biggest baseball fan, the Red Wings games are always fun and pretty inexpensive. Be sure to check one out when it gets warmer in the Spring!
 Rochester Red Wings stadium at night

7.    Have Sunday breakfast at Kenna’s Diner.
Kenna’s is a classic little diner on West Henrietta road. They keep it simple and specialize in awesome customer service and good food. You’ll feel right at home.
8.    Be a kid for a day at the Strong National Museum of Play!
You might be graduating soon, but the Strong National Museum of Play is fun at all ages! The museum also has College Nights for college students that still want to play but don’t have to worry about taking the experience away from kids! The next College Night at the Strong National Museum of Play is November 8. 
9.    Visit Park Ave or East Ave downtown and take the shuttle!
Park Ave and East Ave are great parts of downtown Rochester; there are a lot of great restaurants and bars to try out. RIT has weekend shuttles that will take you to these areas on Friday and Saturday nights.

Welcome to Rochester mural on Park Ave
10. Take a weekend trip to the Finger Lakes.
The Finger Lakes are beautiful regions of upstate New York. They are especially known for hiking, wineries, restaurants, and lake tourism. Check them out in the Spring, when the weather is nice enough to spend time outdoors.

winery in the finger lakes region

Ready, set, explore Rochester! If you check any of these activities off of your bucket list, take a picture and tag us in it. We would love to share! 

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