Print Hub Changes

Many of you are familiar with the RIT Global Village Print Hub from your late night print jobs. So when the below image was posted on the door of the Print Hub this summer, there were concerns.   It seemed as if the Print Hub was permanently moving all the way to Building 99.


Photo from RIT Reddit

Turns out, the Print Hub is only moving to Building 99 for the summer.  I met with Bill Garno, Director of the Printing Applications Laboratory, over at Building 99 to clear up a few things about what was going on with the move.

Garno said that over the summer quarter, lots of change happens very quickly in order to ensure that services are up and running in the fall.  At the time of the flyer being posted, confirmation of the Print Hub location on campus had not been made.  

There will still be a central location on campus, what a relief! However, the detail of where it will be hasn’t been set yet.  The hours will also remain the same as the Global Village Print Hub’s hours, and prices will not rise.  Your Print Hub experience will be the same during next school year.

I do have some cool information about new things that are going to be added to the Print Hub that clubs, MSO’s and SIH’s are going to love.  For instance, the Hub plans on expanding its printing business into printing merchandise such as shirts, hats, mugs, etc.  I know I would have really liked this when I was on Art House Eboard. They plan to be an overall printing stop for all facilities on campus in order to cover the needs of everyone.

Also, for those who are on campus during the summer and do not want to make the trip over to building 99, keep in mind that there is a web portal you can use to send in your work.  To use this feature, you must sign into your RIT user account and it gives plenty of printing options online.


This web portal is available throughout the year.However, it is not used often.. Is there a reason you haven’t used the HUB web portal to order prints?

Note: I also asked if the Post Office in Global Village will move with the Print Hub since they are both managed by the same department and were in the same location. The answer is no. The post office in Global Village is staying right where it is.

If you have any questions about the move, feel free to ask. You can go to our Facebook page and message us or use the #RITBehindtheBricks hashtag or tweet at us through @RITBehindBricks.  General questions can be directed towards us as well.

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Written by: Dillon Lambe 

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