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When there is an emergency on campus that requires professional medical services, the RIT Ambulance will be one of the first responders to the incident. The RIT Ambulance (RITA) is a unique part of the RIT community because it is student run Emergency Medical Service (EMS) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week apart from when the Institute is closed. In addition, RITA provides standby services to major events on campus such as hockey games and concerts. Students may join the RITA  team with no prior experience necessary.

RITA began in 1970 to provide students with non-emergency transportation to surrounding Rochester health care facilities. The group eventually expanded in 1981 due to high demand and bought its first ambulance in 1982. There are currently 26 members of RITA with varying membership status and certifications and two emergency vehicles. Since 2010, RITA has been dispatched solely by the Monroe County 911 Emergency Communications Department.

RIT Ambulance provides all training in-house for certifications. Positions on the RIT Ambulance depend on the various certifications offered. Training typically begins as a Driver or a Dispatcher and if you are a New York State Certified Emergency Medical Technician, there is a possibility of being trained as a Medic.

If you are in an emergency, call 911 or 282-475-333. If you would like to request stand-by services you can request onlineor call 585-475-2605. If you would like to apply to be on the RITA team, you can apply in person in the Student Health Center on the bottom floor or online here.

To sign up for RIT Alerts and notifications:

Faculty and Staff - use Oracle

Students - Use SIS

Once in SIS, select the Student Info System link

Log in using your RIT username and password

You will be taken to your Student Center page

Select the Cell/Mobile Phone link

Add or update your cell phone info



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Warning Wednesdays provide specific information on what to do in specific types of emergencies each week.


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