Small Changes Make a Big Difference

Have you seen an increase in people on campus wearing pedometers? Wonder why? Well RIT’s Better Me program is challenging staff and faculty to increase the amount of steps they take every day as part of the Eat Well Live Well Challenge  The goal is to show that small changes can make a big difference in one’s health and wellness.

The second part to the Better Me challenge is to strive for five. This part of the challenge pushes people to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables they consume in a day. Other small changes that make a big difference can include making calories count, eating breakfast, rewarding yourself and creating an environment that can support healthy behaviors.

Just because Better Me is designed for staff and faculty doesn’t mean you still can’t follow their website and Facebook page to get tips on how to become healthier such as a portion size guide and nature trails and jogging routes on RIT campus.

What is the Better Me program? In October 2007, RIT created an employee wellness initiative program to educate employees about healthy and alternative choices to maintain good health and total wellness. This program was created because RIT values the well-being of each individual employee and wants to encourage proper wellness. The program focuses on the three following areas, nutrition, health and fitness. Nutrition
  1. Dining Services
  2. Weight Watchers at Work
  3. Eat Well. Love Well. Challenge
  1. Smoking Cessation
  2. Massage Therapy
  3. Wellness Screenings
  1. Personal Training
  2. Family Fitness Activities
  3. Recreational Activities

From now until May 18th, Better Me is focusing on heart health by creating the 1st Annual Blood Pressure Challenge. This challenge pushes the Rochester community to check their blood pressure to get it into control to reduce their risk of heart disease.

Need ideas for small steps you can take to challenge yourself?

For more Information check out RIT’s Better Me website and like on RIT Better Me on Facebook.

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Written by: Mohammad Daraghmeh

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