Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here to stay in Rochester, NY… hopefully! With all of the snow melting and grass growing, you may notice how nice the campus begins to look, giant pots filled with beautiful flowers seem to magically appear, all of the dead leaves from fall disappear and of course the grass looks much greener at RIT than any other school.

These spring touches do not magically happen though. A lot of work is put into cleaning the campus up after winter has taken its toll. Facilities Management Services (FMS) puts a lot of effort prior to the end of winter and the beginning of spring in order to make the campus look beautiful.

Chris Furnare, Grounds Foreman at RIT, has been at RIT for about twelve years and loves his job because it allows him to be outside. “It is amazing to see the amount of changes that happen over so many years.”

He explains just what goes into the RIT landscape for the spring and summer. A typical day for an FMS groundskeeper begins with hours of general clean up including sweeping, taking out the trash and cleaning up the litter that has accumulated through the winter. After general clean up, workers begin mulching and landscape work such as trimming bushes and planting.

As the Grounds Foreman at RIT, Furnare leads a committee that decides on what the landscape looks like. He likes getting everyone’s input because it brings a diversity of backgrounds and experience that help make the campus look beautiful. Furnare’s favorite place on campus is ToJo gardens, the small garden and pond between George Eastman Hall and Frank E. Gannett Hall.

“There are over 200 people in FMS that work to make the campus a nice place for students to be. There are many branches in FMS such as grounds, custodial, electricians, maintenance and engineering. I know every person in FMS would bend over backwards to help a student if they needed it.”

For the summer, FMS grounds will be focusing more on hardscape. Hardscape is working on all cracks and potholes on sideways, parking lots and roadways.

What is your favorite spot on the RIT campus?

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Written by: Brittany Remington 


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