St. Patrick's Day: Turning Rochester Green

Irish flag

The St. Patrick’s Day celebration weekend in Rochester is coming up! Saying it is a crazy holiday is an understatement, so being prepared for the day is important if you choose to participate in the festivities. Here’s everything you need to know from events and activities, to keeping our city green, to staying safe and sound:

St. Patty’s Activities in Rochester
Runnin’ Of The Green: Top of the morning to you! If you want a quick workout in before the start of the day, the YMCA sponsors a race, Runnin’ Of The Green in Downtown Rochester. There is a 1-mile and 5-mile race starting at 9:30am, and you’ll have just enough time to catch the parade! Top’s Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade: The parade starts at 12:30pm at the intersection of East and Alexander in Downtown Rochester. You may want to arrive early, parking and watching areas will be limited. If you plan on drinking, skip the drive and use Uber or Lyft. Celtic Family Faire: The Celtic Family Faire at the Rochester Riverside Hotel will have comedians, Irish dancers, and snacks. The event is alcohol-free, and is a perfect place to go if you’re looking for an event that a wide range of ages can enjoy.

Keep ROC Green, the Clean Green

After the parade, there is a cleanup crew in Rochester that is in charge of sweeping and cleaning the streets of trash. However, it is physically impossible for the crews to pickup everything when factoring in wind and other winter-weather conditions. Whether you’re at the parade or having your own celebration, make sure to throw away your trash in a bin, rather than just throwing it anywhere. Better yet, find a recycling bin. Wearing green is not an excuse to forget about the environment.

Most of All, Remember to Stay Safe

It is easy for things to get out of hand quickly on a crazy holiday like St. Patrick’s Day. Although it is important to have fun on the big day, it is also important to remember reality. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, more than 1,800 college students die a year from drunk driving and binge drinking. Even if you don’t think you’ve had a lot to drink, don’t drive unless you stay completely sober. Uber, Lyft, or using public transportation are great options if you don’t have a designated driver. If you are the DD, make sure to keep a careful watch while driving on the road! In the case of any type of emergency off campus, dial 911. In the case of an emergency or situation that you need help with on campus, you can either dial 911 or call Public Safety. Here is a list of RIT Public Safety phone numbers. It is a smart idea to save them into the contact list on your phone, so you have them prepared if you need them:

Emergency: (585) 475-3333

General: (585) 475-2853

Text: (585) 205-8333

Before the weekend, download the Tigersafe App. It is a campus safety app that provides students with instant access to campus safety resources including Emergency Contacts, a Mobile BlueLight, Say Something, Friend Walk, and much more. Download it in the app store today; it may come in handy when you really need it. Have a fun, safe, and happy St. Patrick’s Day and a great ending to Spring Break!