Studying Abroad in Copenhagen: Aimee's Series

"Studying Abroad in Copenhagen: Aimee's Series" and a picture of a street in Copenhagen

Hello from Copenhagen, Denmark! I am studying over here for the spring semester in my junior year. To fit the program offered here, I switched my major to Graphic Design for the next four months. Back at RIT, I study New Media Design and Advertising & Public relations. I am involved in a lot back in the Brick City, I love the campus and the relationships I’ve made in the last three years, so why would I want to give that all up for a semester so I could jet off to Europe?

Why I Chose to Study Abroad

I felt that RIT gave me the skills I needed, but I was itching to something bigger and better for a few months. Studying abroad here is giving me not only the opportunity to see the world, but it’s also allowing me to have a fantastic design education while here. In this study abroad in Copenhagen series, I will be telling some of the ups and downs of my time here.

Photo of Aimee in a street/riverfront in Copenhagen wearing a yellow coat

What I Wanted Out of a Study Abroad Experience

First I’ll talk about why I chose this program. When looking for programs I had six requirements, some were because of my program at RIT and others were personal choices. The only thing my program required was a specific design class, and my own preferences were 

  1. I wanted classes taught in English 
  2. I wanted to be able to easily travel around Europe
  3. I wanted a program that was well thought out and not an afterthought 
  4. I wanted a safe part of Europe 
  5. I wanted to be able to communicate semi easily with the people around me, and the rest could be negated with. 

A large group of bikes at a market in Copenhagen

About My Study Abroad Experience

After a lot of research, I picked DIS - Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark. I felt this one had everything I wanted out of the experience. In a nutshell, DIS is a university that was founded by Danish people and has all Danish professors, but it is only for American college students. To some, it sounds silly that I’m with 1,300 other Americans at DIS, but I have no regrets about picking here. The school part was very important to me and so far all of my classes have been at a quick and hard pace like I was used to at RIT and that had been great!

A large reason of why I picked DIS was because built into the tuition (major perk!!) was one short three-day study traveling tour and one-week long study tour, both of these were with our classes. Just imagine you go traveling to Europe for a week with your class and you go to different museums and cultural events...for class! As a design student, this was so important, I get to go sketch and design for a purpose.

Being at a school with a lot of Americans meant I needed to put a lot of effort into doing other things in Copenhagen to learn the culture and language. I chose to take a Danish Language & Culture class as well as living with a Danish Host family while I’m here. I’ll go more into those experiences on the next blog!

Picture of Aimee holding a treat on the streets of Copenhagen

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