Things About Behind the Bricks

team meeting in conference room with blog title

1. We are a team of students

Here at Behind the Bricks, our team consists of eight students and one full-time professional staff member who supervises us. We have team members in different majors with varying experiences and skills, which provides an abundant blend of ideas. Between the 8 team members we have advertising and public relations, new media marketing, marketing, graphic design, and motion picture science students. Although some of us share the same major, the work we do for this team varies based on our passions.

2. Our team comes from all different background

In our team total, we have 2 videographers, 8 writers, 3 graphic designers and 1 photographer. No you didn't count wrong, many of our team members are cross-disciplinary. For example, one of our photographers is actually a graphic design major and only one of our videographers is a motion picture science major. We meet once a week as a team to bring our ideas together and coordinate new content/projects.

3. Full-time Co-op Position

One out of the eight students on our team works full-time as the Social Media Manager. This team member is responsible for keeping everyone organized and on schedule, creating and posting on social media, being creative on a wide scale and much more! Excluding the current co-op, 3/7 people on our current team have worked in this role! This position is filled during the fall, spring and summer. You can apply for this position here

4. Our team members are unique

On top of being cross-disciplinary, our team quirky. Fun fact: one of our videographers got a concussion from hugging someone, another took a cross country road trip to see the last Blockbuster in the US and the last had his first job at 13 years old as a custodian in a bowling alley! One team member learned to eat fire when she was in middle school and our photographer/graphic designer speaks Swedish and Spanish!

5. Behind the Bricks is fairly new

Five years ago, SVP of Finance and Administration, Dr. James Watters started Behind the Bricks to help communicate with students and the RIT community. Since our start, we have has countless team members, multiple website interfaces, a variety of article and video series and much more! As we grow and evolve, we continuously aim to enhance the relationship between the RIT community and Finance and Administration.

6. We support F&A communications

Our primary goal is to effectively communicate information regarding RIT Finance and Administration. F&A is fairly broad and complex, but Shayna best explains the reach of this department it in a past article:

“Basically, there are four branches of Finance and Administration: Employment Services, Financial Services, Business Services, and Risk Management. Under each of these are even more divisions. For example, the Business Services branch includes Parking and Transportation, Public Safety, Digital Den, BetterMe Wellness and much more. To learn more and for a full list of departments under Finance and Administration, check out their website.

7. We often work on multiple projects at once

On top of helping Finance and Administration departments, we like to have fun with creating our own content! Always RIT related and typically F&A focused, we aim to create RIT content to benefit and entertain students, alumni, faculty and staff. Since September we have made 10+ videos, 25+ blog posts, designed countless graphics/social posts and taken hundreds of photos! Every week is busy and we always have something in the works!

8. We are always looking for feedback and new ideas

As students, we experience most of the same problems the rest of the student body faces, and we are able to communicate this to F&A. We are then able to work to create and communicate a solution to better the RIT experience. With this being said, us 8 students out of the entire school may not know everything. Therefore, we always encourage the RIT community to reach out to us and let us know your thoughts. Whether it is a cool video idea or a serious concern, we want to help!