Tiger Tips: Top 5 RIT Dining Hacks

Salsarita's Chips

Calling all the Foodies of RIT, penny pinchers, or anyone simply looking for some new food tips and tricks around campus. After reading through the top five RIT Dining hacks to eating on campus, you’ll be eager to go try them out for yourself. Thankfully RIT has so many dining options available, all varying in taste and type. Whether you only ever grab a cup of coffee on campus or eat three meals a day with a dining plan, there are tips for everyone to try out.

1. Get extra seasoning on your chips at Salsarita's

It’s no surprise that Salsarita's is one of the favorite dining locations at RIT. You can customize the bowls and burritos to your exact liking, grab a tasty taco combo, or enjoy a quesadilla. We don’t even need to mention the mouth-watering queso, but we found a simple hack that will make a side of chips and queso even better.

There is a special secret ingredient they sprinkle on the chips to make them an undeniable customer favorite. Although we can’t give you that recipe, we can tell you that if you truly do love the seasoning and want more, all you have to do is ask! Simple, say “Can I have extra seasoning on my chips, please!” and they’ll do it every time!

Salsarita's chips and queso, witht the extra seasoning.

2. Get freshly cracked scrambled eggs at Brick City

Brick city has a regular breakfast crowd every day before classes. Whether it’s a grab and go sandwich or the campus-famous Brick City special, all of the meals are made fresh that morning. If you’re especially a fan of eggs and hash browns, you’ll want to try out the special. Just tell them what type of eggs you want; scrambled, sunny side up, over easy, over medium or fried. Many stay away from the scrambled since they don’t always look the most appealing compared to the other options. If you ask for “shelled scrambled,” the cook will freshly crack open some new eggs that are perfect for your early mornings.

Scrambled eggs and bacon, with a side of hash browns on a plate

3. Get discounted drinks at all the coffee places on campus

College and coffee are inseparable anywhere you go. College students and trying to save a couple of bucks go just as hand-in-hand. Every single coffee shop on campus offers discounts on your drinks if you bring your own cup to put it in. You can even ask them to wash your cup out when you go back for your third...or fourth cup of the day. No matter the type of cup, no matter the size of the cup, and no matter what you want in the cup, you'll get your discount. Saving the planet and money! What more could you ask for?

Reusable Midnight Oil coffee mug, plain blue reusable coffee mug, and an RIT orange coffee mug on the counter at Midnight Oil.


4. Get a customized cookie cake at Sol's

Undoubtedly, Sols Underground is a crowd favorite for the warm cookies that you can grab at any time. But the delicious bakery items don’t stop there. In fact, you can order an entire customized cookie cake. Perfect for birthdays or just treating you and your friends to a treat, these cakes are easy to order and a perfect way to spend some of that leftover dining money. Ask the cashier for one of the ordering sheets, fill it out with the date and time you need it, come up with what you want to be spelled out in frosting, and you’re all set. Come back when it’s ready and enjoy!

Image of the exterior of sol's, as if you were walking into the store.

5. Get pizza delivered from Commons

Not only can you order an entire pizza from the Dining Commons, but you can have it delivered right to your door! All you have to do is go to the Dining Express website and start your order for your next dorm get together. Commons will deliver to most locations until 10:30 pm. If you’re in need of a late night order, pick-up is available until 11:30 pm. These hours may change during the summertime, so just check the website to stay updated. Commons will deliver to the dorm-side of campus.

Cheese pizza coming out of the oven in the Ritz Sports Zone.

Depending on the time of year, make sure to check the official hours of each location at the RIT Dining website here. Not everything is open during the summer and winter breaks. You can also follow the RIT Dining account on almost all social media for the most current updates.

Let us know if you have tried out any of these hacks before or if you are for the first time. Comment your favorite one or any of your own you have discovered.

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