Time to Celebrate: A Brief Overview of RIT's History and Pride

"Time to Celebrate A Brief Overview of RIT's History and Pride" with a photo of a RIT students in a field forming the letters R I T

For many graduates, including myself, the 2020 school year is not ending according to plan. However, this Friday RIT will celebrate the Class of 2020 with a virtual conferral of degrees. RIT is a prestigious university; earning a degree from RIT is a huge achievement, let’s celebrate it! 

How did RIT get to be where it is today? 

  • In 1891, Rochester Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute merged. The two schools created a unique combination. The Rochester Athenaeum’s purpose was “cultivating and promoting literature, science and the arts”. The Mechanics Institute was “established to provide needed technical training for skilled workers in industry”. 
  • Today, RIT is known for its incredible co-op programs and connections. In 1912, President Gibson started the cooperative education program. Through this program, students found positions in industry to “gain valuable, practical work experience before they graduate”. 
  • In 1942, the institute’s Evening School opened to women to assist in World War II efforts. You go, girls! 
  • The school changed its name to Rochester Institute of Technology in 1944. Let's go tech! 
  • In 1961, RIT decided to move it’s home base from downtown Rochester to farmland. That’s right, farmland. But today, that farmland is known as suburban Henrietta, New York. Construction began in 1964 and the new campus opened in 1968. 
  • In 1966, RIT’s campus was chosen to be home for the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.
  • In 1995, the American College of Management and Technology was established in Croatia and chose to partner with RIT. Today, RIT has 5 international campuses across Dubai, Croatia, Kosovo, and China. 
  • In 2008, RIT hosted the first Imagine RIT. Imagine RIT is a beloved festival our school hosts to display and inform about our innovation projects and research. 
  • In 2010, RIT’s Division I Men’s Hockey team made it to the prestigious Frozen Four. Go Tigers! 
  • In 2016, RIT continued to advance it’s educational offerings and was officially considered a ‘doctoral university’ by the leading national classification of U.S. colleges and universities. 

Because of RIT's rich and unique history, it is currently a school with high academic standards and a wonderful student body. Check this out for a full overview of RIT's history. 

Just a Few Reasons to be Extremely Proud of Your Degree

  • RIT is known around the world, with international campuses in Dubai, Croatia, Kosovo, and China.
  • RIT ranked 50th among “best value schools” according to U.S. News & World Report.  
  • RIT has a unique culture, with an amazing blend of arts, sciences, business, and technology. Many of RIT's programs, across the board, are ranked nationally. 
  • RIT is home to NTID and has an incredibly cool deaf/hard of hearing culture. So many students and faculty at RIT know or want to learn ASL! 
  • RIT is always improving and expanding. The campus itself is currently transforming and adapting to new developments. Currently, RIT is developing the Global Cybersecurity Institute and the Innovative Maker and Learning Complex. 

Always remember that you worked hard, you earned your prestigious RIT degree, and that's something to be extremely proud of. Congrats grads! 


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