Top 10 Spots to Hammock on Campus

As soon as classes begin to get hard and you need to buckle down to study, all of the cozy spots around campus seem to be taken. The benches, picnic tables, and other enjoyable spots to sit around outside sometimes can be overcrowded. I’ve got the perfect solution - and all you need is a hammock and two trees!

Next time you need a place to do some homework, read a book, socialize with friends, or even take a nap, try out hammocking. I’ve got a list of the top spots to try out. You might turn a few heads, but hammocking is one of the most enjoyable ways to relax and hang out at RIT.

Before I tell you about the best secret hammock spots at RIT, make sure to always hang your hammock from healthy and mature trees. A general rule to use is to make sure the tree is wider than the width of a football. Also, make sure to use tree-friendly straps so you don’t cause any damage to the trees. Follow these rules so we are still allowed to go hammocking on campus. Now, onto the fun part!

1. Outside the 2nd Floor of the Eastman Building

If you want to enjoy the outdoors, but need to do work that requires WIFI, this spot is perfect for you. Located in the center of campus, it is one of the easiest places to get to on academic-side. There are many trees in a small area, making it a great place to bring multiple hammocks and relax with all your friends. However, it’s important to take note that the trees here are Sycamores, meaning their bark peels off super easily. Make sure to be extra careful when setting up your hammock here to help the spot stay as beautiful as it is!

2. Near the Red Barn

Trying to stay on campus, but still looking for somewhat of a getaway from all busyness? Take a walk over to the small areas of trees in between Riverknoll and the Red Barn. This is another favorite spot to relax since you don’t have people walking around you constantly. An added bonus is the tree swing located right there for you to have fun on. This is a great spot to stack hammocks above each other, letting your friends join you for the little getaway.

3. The Woods on Dorm-side

Tired of seeing bricks everywhere? The woods next to Gracie’s is a nice spot to get some fresh air and enjoy nature. Before setting up your hammock check out the walking paths that all lead to different areas of campus. There’s so much to explore and many trees to choose from! If you are going at night, we suggest bringing a flashlight to set up everything. If you’re short on hammocks for all your friends, there are picnic tables in the areas closer to the paths for everyone to have a spot.

4. The Dorm-side Quads

There are so many perfectly placed trees to pick from in the dorm side quads! Grab your roommate and jam out to music in your hammock, study for exams, or just have some good conversation. Most of the spots are close enough to reach the WiFi from the dorm buildings. Our personal favorite quad is outside of National Rochester Hall, but feel free to wander into any of them. The more you visit, the more chances you have to meet some fellow hammockers.

5. Behind the Ritter Arena

Want a break in between the gym and working on homework? Need something to do between classes, but don’t have enough time to go home? This is a great location for you. There isn’t that much noise around if you want to catch a few zzz’s before grinding out your homework or getting back to your workout.

6. The Greek Lawn

If you don’t mind a lot of people walking by you while hammocking, the Greek Lawn offers a couple of spots for you to set up. The trees are set up in a triangle which makes this is an easy spot to set up multiple hammocks, letting you hang out with friends. Plus, the busy traffic area of people walking to and from class, playing Frisbee, or just enjoying the open area allows for you to socialize and make some more friends!

7. The Infinity Quad

Grab your friend who can slack-line and set up your hammock next to each other right here. People may stare - especially during the rush hours of foot traffic in between classes - but who cares? You’re the one comfortable and relaxing in a hammock! Make a statement and enjoy the beautiful landscape of this academic-side quad.

8. The Pond Outside of Gannet

If you’re looking to stay close to your classes but wanna avoid a heavily trafficked area, outside of Gannet is a good place to go. The area is beautiful with the pond, plants, and flowers right in view. You can relax out of the way of the general footpath of students, but still be connected to academic-side. Who knows? You may even see some fish swimming around in the pond.

9. Outside the UC Apartments Across From S-Lot

This is a nice option for people living in UC, but anyone is welcome to talk a little walk over to it. It’s close to the road, but sometimes the sounds of cars driving by can be soothing while you relax, read a book, or study for some tests. As soon as the sun shines at RIT, this spot becomes a heavy favorite. But beware! The trees are a little prickly and might become annoying on a super windy day.

10. Outside of Orange Hall

This may not be the most unique spot, but it’s sometimes forgotten about. When you don’t have much time between classes, this one is easily accessible and not out of the way of most academic buildings. Find some trees, tie up your hammock, and get relaxing!

If you run into me on campus there is a good chance I have my hammock on me. You always gotta be prepared, since you never know when you might stumble upon a new, secret spot. Know of any other spots that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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