Top 8 Changes on Campus to Keep the RIT Community Safe

picture of labs spread out for covid 19
Throughout the global pandemic, RIT has been making extreme changes to campus to ensure the safety of students and faculty for the academic year. Aside from the required masks and testing, there are plenty of procedures and adjustments to help keep us safe. 
Daily Health Screen
RIT has provided a Daily Health Screen that students are required to sign in and submit every day, seven days a week, whether or not they are coming to campus. This is accessible through the daily email sent to students and has been created to help stay updated with each individual for any symptoms related to COVID-19. 
Room Check-Ins
In order to stay updated with each room a student visits, RIT has provided QR codes to scan and check into when visiting a room or class. These were established to keep students informed on their exposure to possible future cases found on campus.

a QR code hung on a wall with the room number

Online FLEX
RIT created the Online FLEX option for students who wanted or were required to take classes strictly online. This was available at the beginning of the year for certain classes and students were able to talk to their professors about the option.

Several places of service not only have lines six feet apart with designated spaces to stand, but major areas of service have plastic coverings to protect both staff and students. This includes Crossroads the Library, and other food service locations. 

lines seperated by spaces for students to stand

Java’s new entrance is through the library, while the only exit is now the double doors in front of the shop. They also no longer fill travel or personal mugs.
Lab Procedures
Labs have changed tremendously. Many computer stations have been removed from rooms in order to keep each student six feet apart when working. Students are required to clean up after use as well. During classes in labs, students are assigned a specific station to stay at for the entire semester, and professors are required to take pictures of students at their designated areas. Each station is numbered to help consistency. 

a lab spaced out 6 feet apart between each work station

Just like the labs, classrooms now have work spaces spread six feet apart and every room now has a new maximum capacity to accommodate for COVID-19 restrictions. 

desk covered in plastic covering surrounding the student

Outside Seating
It’s obvious there are a ton more seating options available outside to encourage students to sit apart from others. There is also no seating inside of certain areas such as Crossroads. 

lines divided at crossroads
tables put outside at RITBe sure to wear your masks and stay healthy! Also check out the RIT Dashboard for cases that are being tracked on campus.


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