Try to Make Someone Smile Today: 10 Ways How

"Try to Make Someone Smile Today: 10 Ways How" and a photo of a girl smiling outside

More than ever, a smile can do a lot of good. Now that the semester is over, we have more time to focus on other things and set new goals. One of my goals is to try to make someone smile each day. It doesn't matter if it's a stranger you pass in the grocery store, a friend, or a family member. Try it out yourself to brighten someone's day; you never know how much they may need it. 

1. Give a genuine compliment

Taking a second to recognize something good about someone else is one of the easiest ways to make someone smile. 

2. Say 'thank you'

Two words we forget to say far too often.

3. Spark up a conversation with an old friend, either over the phone or 6 ft away

While you have some extra down time, try a trunk meet-up to catch up!

4. Drop off a note in someone's mailbox

With messages being sent online all day long, handwritten notes mean so much more nowadays. Taking the time to write out a note for someone really shows you care. 

5. Send someone a meaningful song 

A light-hearted, happy song may be enough to turn around someone's day for the better. Try to pick a song that you may have listened to together! 

6. Run an errand for someone

Going out and about is trickier than before. If someone is running low on time or energy, offering to help them out is truly an act of kindness.

7. Tip a little extra

If you are ordering takeout, consider tipping a little extra to help out restaurant employees during tough times. If you're on a tight budget, write a positive message at the bottom of your bill as an alternative! 

8. Do chores for your family or roommates

No one likes chores. Surprising someone by folding some of their laundry or doing their dishes won't take long, but will go a long way.

9. Bring someone a coffee

Everyone could use a pick me up, and nothing does that better than a cup of coffee. If you are picking up one for yourself anyway, think about who you could give an extra to! 

10. Share a meme

Social media can be overwhelming at times, but it is the light-hearted content that makes it so fun. Share something funny to make someone smile. 

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