The Ultimate Guide to Switching Up Your Workouts at RIT

"The Ultimate Guide to Switching Up Your Workouts at RIT" an image of a yoga class, with students in the SLC meditating

With New Year's resolutions underway, you might be getting sick of the same old treadmill routine. Don't lose motivation! There are plenty of ways to switch up your workout and have fun while exercising. The best part? You don't even have to leave campus. Luckily for you, Behind the Bricks has created The Ultimate Guide to Switching Up Your Workouts at RIT.

Join an Intramural Team

What is the best way to hang out with old friends, meet new friends, get fit, and have a blast? Intramurals, of course. RIT offers many intramural leagues throughout the year. Though the date has passed to create a team for the Spring, there are intramural tournaments that you can sign up for throughout the semester! 

Fitness Perk: Drop the excuses! Working out with friends creates a feeling of responsibility to sticking with an activity. 

Take a Cycling Class 

Did you know that RIT offers fitness classes? For me, classes help me stay on track. The cycling classes at RIT are super fun, especially if you like jamming to music during your workout. 

Fitness Perk: Indoor cycling can greatly improve muscular endurance, especially in your legs. 

Class pedaling on cycling bikes

Swing a Racquet 

Are you a fan of racquet sports? RIT has 9 outdoor tennis courts, 4 indoor tennis courts in the Gordon Field House, 7 racquetball courts in the SLC, and a squash court. To play indoors, you have to reserve a court

Recover in the Sauna 

After your workout, take a steam in the saunas. The saunas are located in both the men's and women's locker rooms, near the showers in the SLC. After a workout, they are great places to relax and let off some steam before you have to head back to the library. 

Fitness Perk: Saunas can improve cardiovascular performance and help your muscles recover quicker after a long workout. 

Float Down the Lazy River

The lazy river, vortex, and hot tub in the Hale Recreation Pool might not be the most intense workout, but they're super fun. If you're looking for a heightened aquatics workout, you can always do laps in the Judson Pool during open swim hours

Fitness Perk: Aquatics workouts can be high intensity with low impact on your muscles and joints. 

image of the Hale Recreation Pool lazy river and vortex

Take an ASL Yoga Class

This class is great for students that are deaf or hard of hearing, or students that are looking to expand their knowledge in ASL! Yoga is a great way to relax and workout simultaneously. 

Fitness Perk: Yoga not only builds muscle strength, but it also increases flexibility. Yogis focus on controlling their breathing, which has a direct correlation to reducing stress. 

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is often treated as a fun recreational activity. However, ice skating can be a very rigorous workout! The Frank Ritter Ice Arena has public skate hours throughout the week. It is $2 for students and $3 for skate rentals.

Fitness Perk: Skating improves your balance and coordination. It may be cold, but you'll work up quite a sweat! Ice skating also works almost every major muscle group in your body.  

Climb at the Red Barn

The Red Barn is a bouldering gym on campus. It allows for short height, lateral climbs. A day pass is $4 for students and a semester pass is $40. 

Fitness Perk: Rock climbing is the ultimate dynamic muscle workout and can also improve memory!  

student climbing at the RIT Red Barn

Take a Barre or Pilates Class 

Though barre and pilates are not the same, they have similar fitness benefits. Going to classes at RIT add a sense of community to your workout. 

Fitness Perk: Barre and pilates are great ways to strengthen muscles without increasing bulk.

Hopefully our guide gave you some ideas on different ways you can stay healthy on campus. However, as important as it is to exercise, it is also important to let your body relax. Remember to treat yourself after a good workout and always keep a positive mindset when it comes to self care! 

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