Valentine's Day the College Way: Broke, Stressed, & Carless

"Valentine's Day the College Way: Broke, Stressed, & Carless" & an image of candy hearts on a pink plate

How did Valentine’s Day even start anyway? 

Valentine’s Day actually has quite a rich (and juicy) history. Although there were many named St. Valentine, there is one story that has stood out among the rest.  In Rome, Emperor Claudius II was a strict ruler. He required his vast armies to abandon their families for long periods of time. Being gone in battle for so long caused the warriors to become homesick. In hopes to create tougher and fiercer fighters, Claudius banned marriage. Father Valentine thought the ban was unjust; despite Claudius’ orders, he continued to marry couples secretly. Claudius eventually found out, arrested Father Valentine, and sentenced him to death. Oddly enough, while Father Valentine was in jail waiting to be executed, he fell in love with his jailer’s daughter. On February 14, the day he was executed, he passed her a love letter. It was signed “From your Valentine”. 

Things That Cost Little Money

Valentine's Day can get expensive; but it definitely doesn't have to be.

  1. Cook at Home Instead of going out to an expensive restaurant, cooking a meal for your loved one at home can be just as meaningful! To really cut costs, try working with ingredients you already have or budget it out before you go to the grocery store. 
  2. Go Ice Skating In Dr. MLK Jr. Memorial Park downtown, there is a cute little outdoor ice rink. On Valentine’s Day from 6:00-8:50pm, they have a Sweetheart Skate Celebration deal. It’s only $4 per couple dressed in red! 
  3. Make Your Own Card Cards can be cheap, but the fancy ones can get a little pricey. Use your time to write a well thought out letter instead. It’s thoughtful and free! 

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Ways To Celebrate Quickly

College can get in the way of your Valentine's Day plans, especially if you have homework or other commitments. 

  1. Make a Coffee Cup into a Card If your loved one has a long night ahead of them in the library, buy them a coffee and make sure to bring a permanent marker. Write them a cute little letter on the side of the cup. This is such a thoughtful gesture but won’t take away from their study time! 
  2. Frame a Photo You don’t have to go on an elaborate date to show someone you’re thinking of them. Print out your favorite photo together, find a frame (Marshalls, Target, and Walmart have a bunch) and give it to them when you have the chance. 
  3. Try a Couples Workout If you have to get your workout in anyway, try doing one together. It’ll make exercising a little less miserable and Valentine’s Day a little more meaningful. 

Things You Can Do Without Leaving Campus

If you don't have a car, your Valentine's Day plans become limited. But, that doesn't mean you can't celebrate here, right on campus! 

  1. Buy a Gift at ShopOne “Shop One is a contemporary design shop that showcases RIT MADE - Art + Craft + Design.” They are located right on campus in Global Village; you might be able to find something truly unique for your loved one! 
  2. Buy Candy at an On-Campus Market Who doesn’t want candy for Valentine’s day? 
  3. Get Flowers Delivered to RIT Flowers are the classic Valentine’s Day gift. If you don’t have a car, delivery from a local florist is a great option! 

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Self-Love is Just as Important on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is about love. Whether you’re in a couple or not, self-love is important to pay attention to and celebrate on February 14, as well as every day of the year. Here are a few things you can do for self-care on Valentine’s day:

  1. Get Good Sleep The best way to care for yourself is to make sure you’re getting enough rest. Skip the all nighter and just do something nice for yourself: go to bed.  
  2. Treat Yourself You DESERVE that fancy Starbucks drink or the shirt you’ve been eyeing online - time to do something nice for yourself.
  3. Do Something Outside Your Comfort Zone Go to the cycle class you’ve always wanted to try or make some new friends! Whatever it may be, push yourself into something positive and new! 

Happy Valentine's Day, Tigers! 


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