Week 12 Wrap-Up

springfest RIT recently hosted a weekend of fun events and activities for students to take a break from the year-end grind. In case you missed some of the action, here is a quick wrap-up of last week’s events and activities. Humans vs. Zombies A semi-annual event of the last few years at RIT, Humans vs. Zombies is a fun game played on campuses throughout the country. RIT’s Humans vs. Zombies game is among the largest games in the region, with hundreds of players signing up this spring to compete in a weeklong fight for survival against a massive horde of “zombie” players. Last week, I created a video walkthrough for navigating the academic-side tunnels to avoid zombies, a key strategy that likely saves countless “humans” from being infected. Check it out and prepare yourself for Fall HvZ game. SpringFest 2014! Starting on Thursday, CAB hosted their annual SpringFest celebration with a ton of on-campus events, including free swag giveaways (I was happy to get a free t-shirt and sunglasses this year!), free food and, of course, a great concert featuring Young the Giant! Our team took pictures of almost every event, which you can find on our Facebook page. Next Week is Imagine RIT! Even though last week was jam-packed with tons of events, RIT isn’t letting up. Imagine RIT is this coming weekend! Hundreds of students will be exhibiting their special projects. Planning for this year’s Imagine RIT has been going on for months and planners hope to exceed last year’s record attendance of over 30,000 people. Our team will be at Imagine RIT covering as much as possible, so keep an eye out this weekend and next week for photos and videos!
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