What to Do at the SLC if You Don't Want to Go to the Gym

basketball court

There are plenty of us out there. The ones who want to be healthy, fit, and active, but are afraid to go into the weight room at RIT’s Student Life Center (SLC). Well, breaking your fear of the gym is easy. The Gordon Field House/Student Life Center is packed with equipment and activity rooms for you to use, and you don’t have to pick up a single dumbbell! Check out some of the things you can try:

  • Pool and hot tub

The Judson/Hale Aquatics Center is located on the first floor of the Gordon Field House. The Center has a 25-yard, 8-lane competition pool. This lap pool is also equipped with 4 diving boards (2 tall, 2 short). This pool is the perfect place to swim laps (a great way to get some cardio in)! Not interested in laps? Don’t worry! The recreation swimming pool is located next to the competition pool. This pool has a small whirlpool, and a large hot tub off to the side. Both pools are equipped with lifeguards who are always willing to help. Check out https://www.rit.edu/~w-criw/schedule.php for weekly hours.

  • One of the tracks

Did you know that the Student Life Center has an elevated track, and the Gordon Field House has a track as well? Regardless of which track you decide to walk, jog, or run on, they are both the perfect places to get in some cardio! If you choose to exercise on the elevated track in the Student Life Center, you can watch what’s going on below on the five courts. Access to the elevated track is past the equipment cage, on the left hand side (look for a staircase).

  • Racquetball

The Student Life Center is filled with a row of racquetball courts on the first level  (tucked down a hallway). Racquetball is a great way to get in cardio, while improving your hand-eye coordination. Grab a friend, and get a game going! Don’t have a racquetball or racquet? The equipment cage (also located on the first level of the SLC) has both available to rent for free with your RIT ID.

  • Sauna

There are saunas in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms (located near the showers). The sauna is kept at a very high temperature, and allows you to sweat out any toxins you may have. If you decide to use the sauna, please be mindful of others and remember to fully shut the door behind you, and leave your cell phone in your locker.

  • Basketball, volleyball, or any other court sport

As previously mentioned, the equipment cage is stocked with various kinds of equipment for you to rent for free. The workers at the Student Life Center are more than willing to assist you in setting up a net, or whatever you may need for your court sports.  

  • Boxing

Did you know that there is a boxing room located past the five courts in the Student Life Center? This is a great place to release some stress from the week, all while getting a good workout in. At the equipment cage, ask the worker if anyone is in the boxing room. If not, you can rent the boxing room key out for free with your RIT ID. It’s definitely worth checking out!


​​​​​​​ On the second floor of the Student Life Center (the same level as the quarter mile), there is a mini gym and an upper level dance studio. On the first floor of the Student Life Center there is a spin room and a lower level dance studio. If these rooms are not already rented out, feel free to rent a speaker from the equipment cage, and get your dance on with some friends! Regardless if you are nervous about working out in the weight room at the gym or not, the Gordon Field House/Student Life Center is packed with countless things for you to break a sweat without having to touch weights. Take advantage of what the building has to offer!  

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