What is Kronos, and How to Use it

What is Kronos? Any student working for RIT gets a badge number, which you use to punch in and out in order for your employer to stalk you see how much time you work in order to pay you. How do I get a Kronos badge number? Go to your boss. Just getting registered for your job is a tricky process, and they usually know best since you have a fair amount of paperwork that you need to fill out. Once you have finished all of your exciting paperwork, you will give the necessary documents back to your boss, and you may also have to fill out some other paperwork if you need your SEO card (which every student needs if they desire to work for RIT. If this is your first time working for RIT, congratulations! As a gift, you have to complete a lot of paperwork to get your handy dandy SEO card! Yeah! Again, your employer will give this paperwork to you.) Then, you take the necessary forms to the Student Employment Office in the Fishbowl. If you have all of your necessary forms and identifications ready to go, you should be set! You may just have to wait a little bit of time, but you can see your Kronos number online as soon as the office has finished with all of your paperwork. This can be viewed here: https://finweb.rit.edu/kronos/apps/timecardreview/index.cfm?cmd=ViewPunchesCommand This website is also great for helping with all of your paperwork: http://www.rit.edu/emcs/seo/?/students/resources How do I use a Kronos timeclock? Why, it’s quite simple. Just enter your badge number and then press the arrow key to enter. Boom. Straightforward and easy. You can also verify that your punch went through by pressing the F1 key and then entering your badge number. Then the clock will display the last time you punched in at that specific clock.
  • Tip: A couple of times, I have punched in immediately after someone else punched in, so the timeclock didn’t record my time. Make sure you give the machine a minute to register the previous person’s time before you just move on to your own.
Where do I find one of these magical machines? They are all over the place. The key is to know where you work, and then track down the closest timeclock to your job location. This website lists all of the clocks on campus: http://www.rit.edu/fa/controller/payroll/findclock.html. Oh dear, I forgot to punch in/out for my job… This may vary from job to job, but in my experience, the best thing that you should do is to just let your boss know ASAP and they can log in your missed time for you. Just try not to do this too often. Your boss may not be overly fond of you constantly forgetting to punch in/out. Is there any way where I can look at my in/out times? There is this handy dandy website where you can see all of your comings and goings for your job (or jobs if you have more than one.) Plus, it keeps track of the hours you have worked and how much money you have made. Cool, huh? https://finweb.rit.edu/kronos/apps/timecardreview/index.cfm?cmd=ViewPunchesCommand Now, for the most important question: how do I get my paycheck? Again, for each job it may be slightly different. The norm is that you can receive it from your boss. However, direct deposit is so much easier and convenient, and all you have to do is go to the Payroll office of the Eastman building (on the first floor) to fill out a little slip of paper. This is also the same place you go if you ever forget to pick up a check (the horrors!)