What You Can Do For Mother's Day at Home

"What You Can Do For Mother's Day at Home" with an image of a box of flowers on a seat

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! With school wrapping up and summer beginning, it can be easy to forget about those that helped us the most along our college journey, our moms. For someone that does so much for us, showing our gratitude can be hard, especially when we can't go out to browse for a present! However, you can celebrate Mother's Day in a meaningful way from home just as easily. Here's what you can do:

  1. Get a handcrafted gift shipped to you. There are plenty of boutique websites that have amazing items. During these times, shipping times may take longer than normal. So make it a surprise! Write a card letting your mom know a gift is on the way. Shop One has an online store; the items are super cool and have a wide price range. Check it out!
  2. Say ‘thank you’, a phrase we forget to say far too often. Say it in person, give your mom a call, or write a handwritten letter. Nothing will mean more to her than this. 
  3. If you’re currently staying with your family, try to clean up around the house. It’s just one less thing for her to worry about. 
  4. Making a meal for someone can feel really special, sometimes even more so than buying one out! Try a new recipe, sharpen your skills, and cook dinner for your family! She will definitely appreciate the effort you put in. Feeling lazy? Order takeout from a nice restaurant to support local businesses! 
  5. Ah, memories. Nothing is better than reflecting on some good times. Print out photos to give to your mom. Put them inside a card, frame them, or even assemble a photo book! 

More than anything, be creative on Mother's Day. Think about what will make your mom truly happy, and try to make her smile! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


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