What's Up with Parking Services?

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Parking and Transportation Services have been a major topic of conversation around the Rochester Institute of Technology campus this academic year. With students confused as to why they’ve received parking tickets, and others unsure of the rules and regulations of Parking and Transportation Services, our team at Behind the Bricks is here to set everything straight. Their office is located in located in Grace Watson Hall, to the right of Gracie’s Dining Hall, and is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Here’s the deal with Parking and Transportation:

Parking Permits and Finding Parking on Campus

With many individuals parking on campus without purchasing parking permits or registering their vehicles, those who hold purchased permits are unable to find parking spots. Aside from not being able to find a parking spot, so many unregistered vehicles are parking on campus that it is causing overcrowding of lots, making it appear that there are not enough available parking spots in certain lots. Contrary to popular belief, there are enough parking spots on campus for those who actually purchase parking permits. That being said, register your vehicle and purchase a permit!

Surrounding Apartment Complex Parking

A large majority of the individuals parking on campus who are not registered may be living in the surrounding apartment complexes around or near campus. There are multiple buses and shuttles that run all day long to and from these apartment complexes. For those who park in overflow Lot B, there is now a shuttle available that can drop you off at various places on campus. Even if you are parking in B-Lot, you still need to purchase a general parking permit for your vehicle. You can find the B-Lot shuttle schedule here.

Cost of Parking Permits

While many students find the cost of parking permits at RIT expensive - $100 for the academic year - the cost of parking at other universities in the Rochester area, as well as RIT’s benchmark schools, is generally higher.  Annual parking permits for students at these universities range from $85 - $450. If you are unable to purchase an RIT parking permit for the entire academic year at this point in time, you are able to purchase for the current semester for $50.  Not a bad deal!

Parking Citations

Most parking citations range from $15 to $50 at other universities in the area, and the majority charge a late fee if not paid off in 10 days. Your first citation at RIT will cost you $30, unless if you park in a marked handicap parking spot or a fire lane. We do not charge late fees to those who have not paid off their parking citations. This past August, RIT Parking and Transportation Services implemented an incremental increase in the cost of fines, to act as a deterrent for “repeat parking offenders.” Parking citations now increase by $5 after the first one is issued. Other universities in the area also follow this incremental model.

Booting Vehicles

As for the protocol when it comes to booting vehicles, RIT Parking and Transportation Services will begin to boot unregistered vehicles after three parking citations that have not been paid. As for registered vehicles on campus, if parking citations are not paid within 3 months (90 days), they will be eligible for a boot warning. Frequent offenders within a short period of time may also receive one of these boot warnings. Once a boot warning is issued, booting the actual vehicle is the next step. In order to avoid parking citations here at RIT, it is important to register your vehicle, purchase a parking permit, and park in appropriate parking spots in the correct lots.

RIT Parking and Transportation Services implements these rules and regulations to ensure the safety of the students, faculty, staff and guests that are on RIT’s campus. You can learn more at RIT Parking and Transportation Services’ website.

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