You'll Never be Bored in Henrietta Again

"You'll Never be Bored in Henrietta Again" & a picture of a mini golf putter club with a green golf ball

What can you do in Henrietta? More like what can’t you do in Henrietta? The town is full of shops, restaurants, and entertainment. If you keep an open mind, it is hard to run out of different things to do. BTB has assembled a list of things you can do off-campus right around the town of Henrietta! Don't have a car? You might be able to make your way via the RIT busses. That, or Uber and Lyft wouldn't be too expensive; all of these options are close to campus! 

Go Bowling

You can bowl at Bowl-a-Roll for less than $5 a game! You can’t beat that price, and it’s just down Jefferson Road. If you’re more interested in competitive bowling, Bowl-A-Roll offers tons of leagues for all different levels and ages. 

Bowling alley lighted up with pins down the lane

Play Arcade Games

Dave and Busters is an arcade, restaurant, and bar. You’ll get points depending how well you do on the games, and you can trade your points in for a prize! It’s a lot of fun, and it is right down the road (attached to Marketplace Mall). 

Compete Against Your Friends in Laser Tag

Like laser tag? Then you’ll LOVE LASERTRON. There are different games you can play at LASERTRON as you run through the 2-level battlefield, including solo games and team games. Not only is it a ton of fun, but laser tag is a major workout. According to LASERTRON, players can burn up to 1,000 calories when playing two sessions. 

Take Your Video Games to the Next Level

Although you can also play VR games right on campus at Digital Den, it’s fun to venture off campus every once in a while. There are two other places you can play VR in Henrietta, and they have a variety of different games. 

Put Your Mind to the Test at an Escape Room

Everyone loves a challenge. If you like escape rooms, there is one down the road off of Jefferson. At Rochester Escape Rooms, you have 60 minutes to try to escape a room. There are 4 different themed rooms you can try, and you can play with 2-8 people.

Race Your Friends in Go Karts

Go-karts can be super fun, especially when you bring a bunch of friends to race with. The track at RPM Raceway is a quarter mile long, but they also have food, arcade games, and billiards! 

Someone driving a Go Kart outside on a track with a helmet on

Keep it Simple With Some Shopping

Henrietta has a variety of places to find clothing. There are numerous consignment shops, as well as shops like Marshalls and DSW. We also have Marketplace Mall just a few minutes from RIT! 

Find Your Inner Kid at Mini Golf 

Who doesn’t love mini golf? There is an outdoor course at Clubhouse Fun Center and an indoor course in Marketplace Mall at GlowGolf. Mini golf is the perfect place to show off to all of your friends. 

Grab Some Bubble Tea 

Bubble tea is also available on campus, but if you’re looking to explore different brands, flavors, or just different places around Henrietta, there are a few amazing bubble tea places to try out. My favorites include Taichi, Kung Fu, and Cha Chat. 

Let Out Your Stress

When have you ever had the chance to smash a bunch of stuff to pieces? Probably never. But if you want to, there’s a place in Henrietta, Smash Therapy, that will let you do it safely. You can bring your own stuff to smash, or they'll provide you with an assortment of items! 

Catch a Movie 

There are two movie theaters in Henrietta! Movies 10 is a great option if you want to save some money. Their movies are older than ones in regular theaters, but if you’re not an avid theater goer, chances are you probably haven’t seen a lot of them yet. The other theater is Regal Cinemas. They will have all of the newest movie titles you’re interested in. 

Bags of old fashion red and white striped movie theater popcorn

Jump Around at a Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks can be a lot of fun! You’re never too old to jump around, try some flips (safely), or play some dodgeball. There are two trampoline parks in Henrietta: Altitude and Sky Zone. 

Pretend You’re a Ninja on TV

Ok, this one might sound a little strange, but this is a blast! Have you ever seen the show, American Ninja Warrior? Well, there is a gym in Henrietta that has many of the obstacles that the show features. Not only is it a ton of fun, but it’s a heck of a workout. 

Giving yourself a break from school is healthy once in a while. What are your favorite activities in Henrietta? Hopefully you try out some of these activities on our list, and have a ton of fun! 

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