Importance of Branding 

The overall purpose of branding is to be consistent in the visual and written representation of the university so that all materials have a uniform appearance along with consistent message and tone. 

The university trademarks need to be used consistently and correctly in all marketing, branding, advertising, publications, printed materials, social media, web communications and other strategic communications. 

The Office of Marketing and Communications reserves the right to review all marketing materials on a case by case basis to determine if materials met the university brand guidelines. 

Licensed Vendors

RIT owns the rights to the logos and marks of its trademarks.  In addition, the Licensing and Branding program controls the use of those marks and requires that everyone on the university campus utilize a licensed vendor. This helps ensure quality control, insurance requirements and in the future, adherence to labor codes. 

We do bring new licensees on board regularly. If you have a vendor who would like to obtain a license, please contact for information on how obtain a license. Below are the two types of licenses we offer vendors:

Retail License 

This license allows a company to produce product with the RIT marks for sale within retail channels, direct to consumer and internal university departments. 

Crafters License 

This license allows fans and alumni of RIT who are interested in selling handmade merchandise with the RIT marks on them.  

If you need to purchase promotional products and apparel please see the link below for our licensed vendors.  

                       Approved promotional vendors