CyberspACe securiTy and forensIcs lab (CactiLab)

Rochester Institute of Technology

Director: Prof. Ziming Zhao

About CactiLab

CactiLab is in the Department of Computing Security and the Center for Cybersecurity at Rochester Institute of Technology. Members of CactiLab are interested in security, privacy, and forensics in computer and communications systems. Current research foci include hardware-assisted, system, and software security. The director of CactiLab, Assistant Prof. Ziming Zhao, received the PhD degree in computer science from the Arizona State University. Research outcomes of CactiLab have appeared in top-tier security conferences and journals, including IEEE S&P, USENIX Security, CCS, NDSS, ACSAC, ESORICS, TISSEC, etc.


[CTF] Team TigerBytes advised by Dr. Zhao has won third place in MITRE Embedded CTF!

[Paper] "Towards a Reliable Firewall for Software-Defined Networks" has been accepted by COSE!

[Paper] "Effectively Enforcing Authorization Constraints for Emerging Space-Sensitive Technologies" has been accepted by SACMAT 2019!

[Service] Ziming is the Program Co-chair of ACM Workshop on Automotive Cybersecurity 2019!

[Paper] "Understanding and Predicting Private Interactions in Underground Forums" has been accepted by CODASPY 2019!

[Paper] "Semantics-Aware Privacy Risk Assessment Using Self-Learning Weight Assignment for Mobile Apps" has been accepted by TDSC!

[Paper] "Wi Not Calling: Practical Privacy and Availability Attacks in Wi-Fi Calling" has been accepted by ACSAC 2018!

[Paper] "Prime+Count: Novel Cross-world Covert Channels on ARM TrustZone" has been accepted by ACSAC 2018!

[Paper] "AIM-SDN: Attacking Information Mismanagement in SDN-datastores will appear" has been accepted by CCS 2018!


Prof. Ziming Zhao

Director of CactiLab


Xi Tan

PhD Student

Area: System security


Md. Armanuzzaman Tomal

PhD Student

Area: System security


Brandon Adler

BS/MS Student

Simon Buchheit

BS Student

Zachary Jorgensen

BS Student

Kristen Kate Tumacder

BS Student

Aaron Gdanski

BS Student

Devon Reilly

BS Student

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