Handshake Platform

Post jobs, manage candidates, and schedule on campus interviews with RIT’s preferred job platform, Handshake.


  • Post jobs in just a few, free clicks and connect with hundreds of schools
  • Join more than 500,000 employers to hire the best college talent across the country
  • Connect with students in your field by viewing their profiles and messaging directly

Account Creation

Before posting jobs on the platform, an account will need to be created on Handshake.

If your company is already registered in the platform, you can easily find and join your company by signing in with your corporate email address.

If your company is new and not registered into the platform, follow Handshake’s steps on creating a new company and learn more about different employer roles and administration tools through the help center. Each company is approved by the schools you select to recruit from.

Connect with RIT

A company must request and receive approval from RIT in order to recruit through the platform. Through your sign-up process, select the Rochester Institute of Technology as well as other schools of interest.

Job Postings

Through your Handshake home dashboard, select the post a job action to see all your company’s active jobs and or create a new job posting. All co-op job postings for RIT are reviewed and undergo an approval process before students can view the job.

Complete four sections of the job post which consist of:

  1. Job Basics: Title, employment type, duration, etc.
  2. Job Details: Job description, location, salary, visa sponsorship, etc.
  3. Preferences: Academic year, minimum GPA requirement, majors, etc.
  4. Schools

Learn more about posting jobs

Review Applicants

Within the company’s active job directory, applicants can be reviewed by selecting the applicant number. Through different advanced filters, applicants can also be viewed by college rather than by individual applications.

Changing an Applicant’s Status

Alongside each individual application is an option to change the student’s status. The applicant can either be Hired, Declined, or Reviewed. Once a hiring manager has downloaded the applicant’s resume and information, their status automatically changes to Reviewed.

Applicants will not receive notifications when statuses change, but they can see their status by reviewing their application in Handshake.

Learn more about changing applicant statuses

Interview Scheduling

Through your Handshake home dashboard, select the request an interview action to see all your company’s active interviews and access to requesting interview schedules. Complete the request form, which includes:

  1. Interview Basics: School, interviewers, description, etc.
  2. Timeline: Date, time, room, etc.
  3. Jobs: Link preexisting jobs in Handshake to the interview
  4. Review and Request: Send in an interview request to RIT for review and approval

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Managing Interview Schedule Applicants

Refer to the left-hand navigation bar to review the active interviews. Within the directory of interviews, the hiring manager can review the applicants within specific interview slots.

Throughout the interview process and reviewing applicants, the interviewer should be updating the applicant’s status within the interview slot. Alongside each individual applicant, a drop-down feature is offered to change the status to:

  • Reviewed: The student’s resume, application, and documents have been reviewed
  • Pending: Clear the status of the applicant and set back to pending
  • Alternate: Make this student an Alternate candidate for this Interview Schedule
  • Primary: Make this student a Primary candidate for this Interview Schedule
  • Hired: Accept the candidate for this position.
  • Declined: Decline the candidate for this position.
    • Note: the declined applicant will be notified of this action. If you’d like to follow up personally, you’ll need to do so manually.

Learn more about managing interview schedule applicants

Registering for Fairs

Access career fairs you have been invited to directly from the invitation email or refer to the left-hand navigation bar to search for upcoming fairs.

Click on the RIT career fair your company is interested in attending and you will be directed to the fair’s details page. Review all the information regarding the fair, the main point of contact for questions, and find the registration button on the top right corner.

You will be directed to a registration form that will cover the number of representatives, booths, and payment plan. Our Career Services Coordinators will work with you through the registration process to ensure your company is a good fit for the fair.

Learn more about registering for career fairs