Coronavirus Career Resources

Our office is here to help and support you as we experience this temporary, unprecedented way of life. We Tigers will continue to find normalcy by connecting with one another and continuing to look forward to our future.

Coronavirus Co-op FAQ


Handshake is RIT’s preferred platform to connect our students with their future. Easily find the best co-ops, internships, full-time jobs, and events to help accelerate your career forward.

Explore jobs, employers, events, and career center resources through your Handshake welcome page. Check out the companies recruiting through co-op or full-time job postings. Our employer partners and our staff are preparing virtual workshops and information sessions events for the remaining semester. You can also utilize free career resources like Vault, Portfolium, GoinGlobal, and more through Handshake.

Handshake is also a way for employers to connect with students. Employers with a Handshake account can search for candidates so check your Profile and make sure it is not “hidden from employers” (you can change this in Settings).

Check Handshake events for upcoming virtual programming. Topics range from your virtual job search, a wellness series, and interviewing techniques. Employers host sessions informing students about their company or organization.

    Making an Appointment

    You are able to request an appointment with your career services coordinator or a career counselor. Log in to Handshake and select Career Center from the navigation, then Schedule a New Appointment, Choose an Appointment Type, then a date and time to meet. Then look for your appointment approval, and we will send you a calendar invite for a virtual meeting (phone or video) using Zoom or BlueJeans.

    NOTE: Due to COVID-19 social distancing protocol, all our appointments will be held online. Once your request is approved, expect a calendar invite from your career services coordinator or career counselor via BlueJeans or Zoom prior to your appointment time.

    Other Job Sources

    Here are other sites that are tracking openings -- use it to uncover additional opportunities or to research companies.

    • candor LIVE Who's freezing hiring from coronavirus. The list is 100% user-generated and maintained by the co-founder of candor. Filter by hiring, layoffs, hiring freeze statuses. If you've been laid off — add your resume to the Layoff Hiring List(Disclaimer: RIT cannot confirm the status of these companies. You can check with your career services coordinator about a particular company, we may have information from our contacts).
    • COVINTERN connects employers with positions and programs to fill with students from top universities with available time and a desire to learn.COVINTERN was created by Wade Fletcher, a student at Indiana University. (Disclaimer: RIT cannot confirm the openings, or details of the jobs posted on this site. Check with your career services coordinator or academic department if you think an opportunity may qualify for co-op).

    Lists of Companies Hiring

    Virtual Fairs

    Virtual Interviews and Networking

    At this time, there are no interviews taking place on campus. Most job interviews are currently arranged directly between employers and candidates. If an employer wishes to schedule virtual interviews through our office, that opportunity will be posted in Handshake for students to apply to, and selected students can sign up for an interview time slot. 

    Build Up Your Skill Set

    Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge. Educational companies and universities are offering their content for free, or discounted prices. 

    Job Search Strategies

    "Essential advice for entry level job and internship hunting during COVID 19"
    In this webinar, Lindsey Pollak and Chelsea C. Williams will share advice on finding existing opportunities, networking effectively, and enhancing your skill-set for success.