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Service Systems

Student Support Fund

The Department of Service Systems has created a Student Support Fund to assist our eligible students in offsetting their financial needs.  This account has been created by our advisory board and alumni members.  The criteria for this support fund is outlined below:

Department of Service Systems Student Support Fund

The Department of Service Systems is seeking to raise funds from alumni of the program for the purpose of awarding funds to students within the program based on need or recognition. The student population eligible for funding includes students from both international and regional locations and who are registered as full or part time students.  The use of the student fund is to provide funding to students in areas described below;                                                                                                                                                   

Grant funding:  Need-based grants to be awarded to students in good standing with un-met needs to enable the students to continue their studies.

Academic Excellence award recognition- this award will allow a student to accompany faculty to conferences and seminars for the purpose of assisting in the presentation and dissemination of research findings within a conference.

Qualifications for students seeking Awards;

Full or part time students enrolled in either the Human Resource Development or the Service Leadership and Innovation graduate programs, in good academic standing, currently enrolled in the program with a GPA of at least 3.0 or higher.

International students are eligible for awards with the exclusion of those expenses funded by a government sponsor who pays for these expenses.

Selection Process and Criteria;

Students may apply for need based grant funding prior to the start of each semester for the next academic semester.                                                                                                                                          

Students will be recommended by a department faculty member to receive Academic Excellence funding.  The purpose of this funding is to attend professional conference proceedings for the purpose of assisting faculty in a presentation of research results and/or networking within their chosen profession at the conference. Students may receive funding for both a grant and academic excellence, once each, during their term of study within their academic program. 

The committee to select and or give an award will include a full time faculty member, a member of staff from DSS and the Alumni Award committee chair. This committee will receive, review and award funding twice per year or on an ad-hoc basis based upon student needs.

Awards will not usually exceed $1500.00 for any student. If possible awards will be spent directly on the academic item the student is requesting funding for.


To apply for this Student Support Fund, please complete the following information