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Scholarship of Pedagogy Support for Faculty

CASTLE supports faculty as they engage in scholarship of teaching practice that seeks to improve learning outcomes (“scholarship of pedagogy”). This includes:

  • Curriculum development: identifying existing evidence-based pedagogical techniques and resources, choosing or developing assessments
  • Grant writing: choosing a suitable theoretical framework, identifying relevant literature, developing evaluation and assessment plans
  • Dissemination: identifying appropriate journals and conferences, assisting in theory and methods section preparation, data analysis


Grant Supported Projects

Dates Total Funding Funding Details
9/1/2014–8/31/2017 $372,580 Collaborative Research: Development and Assessment of Interactive Video Vignette Modules for Biology Teaching; National Science Foundation; PI Robert Teese, Co-PIs Dina Newman, Kate Wright
9/1/2016–8/31/2019 $419,284 Collaborative Research: Transforming the Organic Chemistry Lab Experience: Implementation and Evaluation of a Reformed Organic Lab Curriculum Across Institutions; National Science Foundation; PI Christina Goudreau, Co-PIs Jeremy Cody, Dina Newman
9/1/2016–8/31/2019 $299,982 Collaborative Transformation through Faculty Triads; National Science Foundation, PI Scott Franklin, Co-PI Sophia Maggelakis
9/1/2016–8/31/2019 $428,237 Collaborative Research: NRT-IGE: Deploying Holistic Admissions and Critical SIncrease Diversity and Retention of US Citizens in Physics Graduate Programs; National Science Foundation; PI Casey Miller, Co-PIs Ben Zwickl, Scott Franklin
9/1/2016–8/31/2019 $73,740 Collaborative Research: The PIPELINE Network; National Science Foundation, PI Barton, Co-PI Ben Zwickl