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Center for Advancing STEM Teaching, Learning and Evaluation (CASTLE)

An intensive educational experience for select RIT students that incorporates metacognition into the study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) studies.

What is Metacognition? Metacognition is awareness of your own knowledge. It includes recognizing how you learn, self-assessing how well you have learned, and developing a coherent picture of what is learned. Some refer to it as "thinking about thinking."


Goals of IMPRESS

IMPRESS is for RIT students interested in thinking deeply about their science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) studies. Metacognition includes recognizing how you learn, self-assessing how well you have learned, and developing a coherent picture of what is learned.

STEM Education
Improve science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education through research and metacognition.

Engage our participants in interesting science experiments that will enhance their metacognitive skills.

Increase opportunities for RIT STEM students to support their peers in academics.


Three Programs of IMPRESS

Summer Experience
A two week residential program that explores thinking skills while examining interdisciplinary scientific phenomena and builds relationships between students, faculty and staff. Read more »

First Year Course
All RIT students are required to take general education and writing courses. IMPRESS students have the opportunity to take special courses that encourage them to integrate all of their STEM courses. Find out more about IMPRESS courses.

Learning Assistant (LA) Program
Second year IMPRESS students are eligible for paid Learning Assistant positions in which they work with faculty mentors helping other students successfully learn in foundational STEM courses. Read more »


IMPRESS is part of the ACCESS Network.

Frequently Asked Questions on the IMPRESS Summer Experience

Can I move-in before August 7?

Unfortunately RIT cannot accommodate move-ins before August 7.

How will food/meals be handled during the program?

When you arrive on campus Housing Operations will provide you with a special meal card to be used during the duration of the program.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided beginning on the morning of Wednesday August 8 through the morning of August 21 (the IMPRESS program will provide a special lunch on the last day and then your Fall 2018 meal plan will be activated for dinner on August 21). It is important to note that your IMPRESS meal card is separate from your Fall 2018 meal plan which is accessed through your RIT ID card.

What if I have special dietary needs/restrictions?

Please let us know!  RIT has lots of dining options and we’d be happy to help you navigate the vast selection to find what fits your needs.

What happens when the program ends?

The IMPRESS Summer Experience will end after our special closing lunch on August 20.  We will end within plenty of time before the start of our official RIT New Student Orientation program. (More information about Orientation schedules can be found here)

What kind of events are planned in the evenings and on the weekends?

There’ll be lots of great things to take advantage of and to experience.  We will have some planned events and activities, and there will also be down time for you and your peers to explore and experience the many perks our campus has to offer.

How will I receive my Tiger Bucks?

RIT Tiger Bucks, in the amount of $500, will be awarded via direct deposit around Monday, September 3. Hiring paperwork will require you to complete a direct deposit form with either your own, or a parent/guardians’, checking account information.

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Phone: 585-475-7828

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