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Center for Advancing STEM Teaching, Learning and Evaluation (CASTLE)

The 2018 IMPRESS Summer Science Program runs August 7 - August 21.

Note: The 2018 Summer Program application process is now closed.

IMPRESS helps students develop a mindset that will promote their success in college.  IMPRESS students learn cognitive strategies for tackling complex problems, build a toolbox of thinking skills that can be used in any situation, and build a community of students focused on mindfulness.

Summer Experience Benefits:

  • Get Meta!—Think deeply and critically while exploring complex interdisciplinary science
  • Session ends in time for RIT orientation
  • Housing and meal plan included for the duration of the summer program
  • Students receive  $500 RIT Tiger Bucks upon successful completion of the program
  • Students MOVE IN EARLY to their fall room assignment
  • Have fun! Get to know your peers, faculty, staff and the RIT campus before everyone else arrives.


Science experiment topics may include:

  • Complex fluids: explore oobleck, gak, emulsions and other complex fluids. Study why we can run --- but not walk! --- on corn starch mixtures, how food companies prevent salad dressings from settling and why geophysicists worry about clay and mudslides.
  • Stream invertebrates:  find out what lives in the bottom of streams.  Learn more about what the distribution of species tells us about water quality and stream health
  • Soils: get a little dirty and find out about this important resource.  Did you know that soil comes in layers?  Investigating the layers can tell you more about the history of the area and also whether it can be used for agriculture, buildings or other uses