Summer Math Applications in Science with Hands-On (SMASH) Experience for Girls

SMASH is a special program for rising 8th grade students, with an emphasis on encouraging girls to explore science and math, and designed to build confidence in science and math.

The curriculum focuses on improving the two attitudinal values, perceived usefulness of mathematic and mathematical self-efficacy, impacting math-related achievement. Students about to enter the 8th grade, regardless of gender, can join us at RIT for five days of cool science fun with math.


The SMASH Experience for Girls is designed to:

  • encourage middle school girls’ engagement and interests in STEM education and careers and
  • train future K-12 STEM educators, RIT undergraduate and graduate students with interests in teaching STEM


BREAK into a week of summer math fun. . .
CRUSH any fears of learning math. . .
The SMASH Experience AWAKENS your passion for numbers!

  • Experience hands-on math learning that can lead to future real life opportunities.
  • Use math to uncover mysteries in the world around you.
  • Connect what you’ve learned in school to science activities at RIT.
  • Engage in recreational activities on campus such as ice-skating!
  • Build confidence while making new friends.


Register for the 2023 SMASH Experience for Girls, held July 10-14th on RIT’s campus, through Camp Tiger.


Kara Maki

Associate Professor
School of Mathematical Sciences
College of Science

SMASH Director

Lea Michel

School of Chemistry and Materials Science
College of Science

Director of Experiments