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The Center’s countless efforts, ensuring successful STEM education experiences and broadened outreach initiatives, depend on help from our supporters. CASTLE faculty and staff continue to deliver a network of affiliated projects and programs engaged in scholarship surrounding science and math education. With the support of the community at large, CASTLE will strengthen these efforts focusing on student inclusivity and diversity in STEM education.

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Learning Assistant (LA) Program

In its 4th successful year, the Learning Assistant program continues to transform science courses, creating environments whereby students engage in small group active learning. The collaborative problem solving is facilitated by a student LA, serving as a peer-to-peer guide to a successful learning experience. The LAs are paid to prepare exercises, hold recitations, grade exams, and most importantly, engage in an introduction to a STEM teaching experience.  Your donation will help pay for student stipends, and will contribute to broadening the LA program to additional campus departments, offering students this life-changing experience.

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General CASTLE Operating Funds

The many aspects of operating a research center, such as CASTLE, is made possible by grant-funded programs and initiatives, RIT support, and individuals who value the importance of STEM learning, experiences, and career preparation. Your donation will help assure the multitude of organizational aspects of running a research center continue to grow and expand.

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