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Home Page Channels & FeedMasher Component

FeedMasher is a service that collects and organizes digital media from across RIT, and displays this content in 12 communication/information channels on the RIT home page.


With RIT Web Advisory Committee guidance, work began in 2014 to redesign the RIT home page and to introduce a new concept in institutional communication. This new concept introduces a set of brand-based channels as information delivery constructs. Combining social networking workflow, RSS feeds, and aggregation, each channel is fed by many official RIT information sources that are managed across colleges, centers, departments, and divisions.

A few of these information sources include University News, University Research Services, Academic Affairs Scholarworks, College of Imaging Arts and Sciences Faculty Gallery, Student Affairs, and several official RIT social media postings. The framework software that runs the channels was developed by John-Paul Takats, Information Technology Strategist in Undergraduate Admissions, during completion of his RIT graduate degree. The framework software, called FeedMasher, assists in curation and standardization of information and media fetched for posting. Once content is pulled into FeedMasher, it is guided by a predefined set of rules that organizes and displays content in relevant channels located on the RIT home page.

What’s Inside

  • 12 Channels
  • 13 Content fetching plugins
  • 125 Source instances
  • 27438 Individual content items

Types of Media

Media can be pulled into FeedMasher from a wide range of sources such as blog platforms (e.g., WordPress) via RSS, social networking services (e.g., Twitter), and video-sharing websites (e.g., YouTube).

Developer Documentation

FeedMasher relies on data feeds and APIs to fetch content. Developers play a big role in enabling this by creating feeds that are compatible with FeedMasher. Documentation available in mid-March 2016.

Questions & Comments

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