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This paper presents a case study drawn from design-based research (DBR) on a mobile, place-based augmented reality history game. Using DBR methods, the game was developed by the author as a history learning intervention for fifth to seventh graders. The game is built upon historical... READ MORE
Since the arrival of “audioblogging” in the 1980s and its transformative rise in popularity in the early 2000s, podcasts have been used to share stories and information all over the globe. History-themed podcasts in particular have grown in number, with content creators utilizing new... READ MORE
Located on the Niagara River Gorge in Lewiston, New York, Artpark—a summer venue for arts and entertainment—traces its origins to 1974 when it was established as a park and art venue that served as home to a visual arts program until 1991. The program... READ MORE
Over the past seventy years, American businesses have established archival repositories to house their historical records and collections in an effort to preserve—as well as provide access to—their histories. As American corporations expand and mature, more and more businesses are establishing archival repositories to... READ MORE
The Rochester Public Market (RPM) is a city-run institution that offers the public access to fresh produce, ethnic delicacies, and general merchandise at low cost, year-round. Its low barrier for entry and allowance for informal interactions between visitors and vendors are just a few... READ MORE
This thesis emphasizes the need to conserve nitrate silent films and to raise awareness that digital copies are not the only solution. Digital copies cannot fulfill all conservation and preservation needs. After reviewing the work of a film historian, archival experts, and several academics... READ MORE
This thesis proposes methods for redesigning the Rochester Museum and Science Center’s (RMSC) Native Peoples of the Americas exhibit to ensure better representation of the Native cultures it displays. Explorations of these methods include a survey of the current exhibit, focusing on specific areas... READ MORE
My Thesis Work investigated the infinite possibilities in transformation of matter. I wanted to identify and suspend stages within natural cycles through the manipulation of glass and other mixed media. Furthermore, I looked to explore degradation and regeneration of components— at a microscopic and... READ MORE
Often, individuals develop habits that do not seem to have an adverse effect initially. However, these habits may lead to critical problems in the long run. It is important to create awareness about these critical problems as unawareness would lead to major challenges in... READ MORE
The edge betweenness centrality of an edge is defined as the ratio of shortest paths between all pairs of vertices passing through that edge. A graph is said to have k-uniform edge betweenness centrality, if there are k different edge betweenness centrality values. In this... READ MORE
From a perspective of a young Chinese person, I noticed that lots of Chinese youth who like me neither drink tea daily nor understand the cultural meaning of tea. It is concerning that the lack of awareness of tea among Chinese youth might lead to... READ MORE
A common perception with solar technologies is that they are practical only in sunny regions of the country. The sun is a source of clean and plentiful energy, but for regions of the country that experience frequent cloud cover, solar energy is typically... READ MORE
A non-invasive technique for real-time continuous monitoring of blood glucose has been under development by Venkatarman’s research group in the ETA lab at RIT [16]-[18]. The methodology involves placing an antenna on the arm and monitoring changes in the resonant frequency, which is... READ MORE
Homeless and abandoned cats are becoming an issue in urban areas around the world: a majority of them may carry illnesses that may lead to infectious diseases. Once back in the wild, cats may also harm the ecological equilibrium of urban areas as they... READ MORE
Ever since the launch of Sputnik in 1957, humans have put over 40,000 pieces of debris into orbit around the Earth. In particular, most launches and debris tends to go to either Low Earth Orbit (LEO), or Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO). While GEO has some... READ MORE
Since the 1990s, sports-related concussions have become a public health concern in the youth and adolescent athlete population. After some professional athletes revealed that their retirement was connected to concussions, public awareness of concussions and identifying the need to protect these high school athletes... READ MORE
Encryption is the process of altering information to make it unreadable by anyone except those having the key that allows them to change information back to the original readable form. Encryption is important because it allows you to securely protect the data that you don’t... READ MORE
In today’s world, more and more functionalities in the form of IP cores are integrated into a single chip or SOC. System-level verification of such large SOCs has become complex. The modern trend is to provide pre-designed IP cores with companion Verification IP. These Verification... READ MORE
Data-intensive applications such as Deep Learning, Big Data, and Computer Vision have resulted in more demand for on-chip memory storage. Hence, state of the art Systems on Chips (SOCs) have a memory that occupies somewhere between 50% to 90 % of the die space.... READ MORE
Recently, there has been a significant increase in design complexity for Embedded Systems often referred to as Hardware Software Co-Design. Complexity in design is due to both hardware and firmware closely coupled together in-order to achieve features for low power, high performance and low... READ MORE
Wide spread IP reuse in SoC Designs has enabled meteoric development of derivative designs. Several hardware block IPs are integrated together to reduce production costs, time-to-fab/timeto- market and achieve higher levels of productivity. These block IPs must be verified independently before shipping to ensure... READ MORE
This thesis work centers on the relationship between bridge structure, construction methods and timberwork, coming from the processes of design and manufacturing. In this thesis, I intend to discover and develop different characteristics of different structures and materials and create works that are visually... READ MORE
People’s dreams are what interest me most as an artist. Life events, emotional experiences, desires and other personal matters do not come to a person by accident. They are also the things that symbolically shape the images in each of our minds. We have various... READ MORE
Memory and experience play an important role in the creation of my thesis work. I often reflect on moments that leave an impression me. I think these really touch my feelings and shape my creative mind. The feelings are always plain, they do not... READ MORE