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The Tor anonymity system provides online privacy for millions of users, but it is slower than typical web browsing. To improve Tor performance, we propose PredicTor, a path selection technique that uses a Random Forest classifier trained on recent measurements of Tor to predict... READ MORE
The use of optical proximity correction (OPC) as a resolution enhancement technique (RET) in microelectronic photolithographic manufacturing demands increasingly accurate models of the systems in use. Model building and inference techniques in the data science community have seen great strides in the past two... READ MORE
Photovoltaics (PV) are an enabling technology in the field of aerospace, allowing satellites to operate far beyond the technological limitations of chemical batteries by providing a constant power source. However, launch costs and payload volume constraints result in a demand for the highest possible... READ MORE
High dynamic range imaging has become very popular over the years in the field of computer graphics and games. The process of tone reproduction compresses the dynamic range of brightness in a scene to the lower range of display devices, thus making it an essential... READ MORE
While there is a significant body of literature regarding the interest in global health experiences (GHEs) for medical students and resident physicians, there is very little published in the scholarly literature regarding whether college/university students who are not in medical school, but are interested... READ MORE
With the conventional directed testbench, it is highly improbably to handle verification of current complex Integrated Circuit (IC) designs, because a person has to manually create every test case. The greater the complexity of the designs, the higher the probability of bugs appearing in... READ MORE
Learning Disabilities affect individuals in all age groups and affect how one comprehends the information they receive. Individuals with learning disabilities are often distracted by their surroundings and face difficulties to follow paths in surroundings. Learning disabilities can be addressed with proper support, feedback, and... READ MORE
Advancements in software engineering have enabled the robotics industry to transition from the use of giant industrial robots to more friendly humanoid robots. Soft robotics is one of the key elements needed to advance the transition process by providing a safer way for robots... READ MORE
Urbanization is progressing rapidly in China. To accommodate the increasing population, high-rise residential buildings are becoming more prevalent in urban areas. But residents of high-rise buildings have little opportunity to socially interact with their neighbors, and this lack of social interaction may generate community-relevant... READ MORE
Over 70% of energy in China is consumed by industrial buildings and related support activities. In order to reduce production costs, owners of factories tend to pay little attention to protecting the environment or workers’ health, causing many serious consequences. Poorly designed buildings require... READ MORE
Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a development disability which generally begins during childhood and may last throughout the lifetime of an individual. It is generally associated with difficulty in communication and social interaction along with repetitive behavior. One out of every... READ MORE
The thesis work explores the impact of an abusive environment and in what ways that abuse influences and directs an individual's state of mind. My creative exploration comes from my intimate, personal childhood memories and experiences. Working through the influences that the cycle of trauma... READ MORE
In healthcare, delivering high quality care to the patients typically requires significant investment in supply chain management systems. Inventory management is an important part of any supply chain system. Researchers have indicated great potential for optimizing existing healthcare inventory systems, especially within hospitals. With... READ MORE
Within artificial intelligence, the sub-field of multi-agent systems studies the foundations of agent interactions and strategic behavior. Two-sided matching is one of the most fundamental problems in this field with applications in matching residents to hospitals, kidney donors to receivers and students to high... READ MORE
Most of the individuals in the United States are concerned about healthcare affordability and rising healthcare costs. The prevalent healthcare cost reimbursement system, Fee-For-Service (FFS) has been deemed as a key driver for increasing healthcare costs. Bundle payments (BP) has been suggested as an... READ MORE
The Genesee Waterways Center, or GWC, is home to multiple competitive and recreational rowing programs and clubs, but lacks the appropriate facility to properly house and cater to its patrons and visitors. Rowing is an activity that values discipline and teamwork and has evolved... READ MORE
The role of amorphous IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) in Thin Film Transistors (TFT) has found its application in emerging display technologies such as active matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) and active matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) due to factors such as high mobility... READ MORE
The usage of 1D and 3D models to simulate drug transport through the inner ear is a prominent method in cochlear fluid pharmacokinetics. However, the data used to create these models, is often based on invasive sampling methods that limit the spatial resolution given... READ MORE
How can Design-Based Research (DBR) be used in the study of video games, religious literacy, and learning? DBR uses a variety of pragmatically selected mixed methods approaches to design learning interventions. Researchers, working with educators and learners, design and co-design learning artifacts and environments. They... READ MORE
This chapter focuses on the design approach used in the self-reflexive finale of the mobile augmented reality history game Jewish Time Jump: New York. In the finale, the iOS device itself and the player using it are implicated in the historical moment and theme of... READ MORE
Investment in electricity generation infrastructure has been long lived because of its high lead times and high capital cost. In addition to its long-lived nature, the investment has also become riskier with the deregulated market structure and high electricity price volatility. The push towards... READ MORE
In recent years many countries and several regions in the United States have passed legislation on banning landfilling of organic waste. It is a well-known fact that organic wastes, including food scraps, generate methane under anaerobic landfill environments and contribute significantly to global warming.... READ MORE
Land-use classification from multiple data sources is an important problem in remote sensing. Data fusion algorithms like Semi-Supervised Manifold Alignment (SSMA) and Manifold Alignment with Schroedinger Eigenmaps (SEMA) use spectral and/or spatial features from multispectral, multimodal imagery to project each data source into a... READ MORE
Increasing availability of consumer electronics offers the potential to improve quality of life, extend educational access, and improve efficiency of industrial processes, yet introduce their own set of challenges including increasingly diverse material supply chains, the fastest growing waste stream, and high life cycle... READ MORE