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Introducing concepts that become tangible, visible works of art: photography, moving images, designs, products, publications, or electronic forms of communication that represent our means of expression as a society.

A free, weekend-long Comics Challenge workshop is set to be held in connection with the lecture READ MORE
RIT Artist in Residence gifted university and the world with his ‘always elegant results’ READ MORE
Innovative program offers flexible way to study online and advance career READ MORE
Sam Ferrigno wants to hear students' ideas on improving CIAS READ MORE
This thesis project explores Social Anxiety Disorder, by showing emotions and feelings of the person who suffers from social phobia to help his/her friends and classmates to understand them. The symptoms of a person with social phobia can be seen as being afraid of communicating... READ MORE
“When the human civilization continues to pursue its darker deeds, the wrong doings, the dark demons in every individual, the rage we show towards Mother Nature is the path to the end of the entire civilization. And, that end will not come with a bang,... READ MORE
The orthopedic professionals and physicians believe in a safer and faster method to replace the existing application and removal of the orthopedic cast. They also believe that the orthopedic treatment process has much more room for improvement. The Easy Wrap orthopedic cast has several... READ MORE
Whether you are ordering food at a restaurant, asking for directions, or receiving a phone call from a family member, it is apparent that human communication is an important part of everyday life. Those who are deaf have limited communication accessibility compared to... READ MORE
Space journey is an interactive experiential design installation that explores the field of Astronomy and astronaut training programs, to encourage younger generations to follow scientific and astronomy education. This project explored, the boundaries of the interactive user experience along with projection design to learn,... READ MORE