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Arts, Design, & Photography

Introducing concepts that become tangible, visible works of art: photography, moving images, designs, products, publications, or electronic forms of communication that represent our means of expression as a society.

Food Photography

By: Mercedes Castro

Work I completed for the Advertising Food Photography course.

Environmental Portraits

By: Mercedes Castro

Environmental Portraits I have photographed while being at R.I.T.


By: Leslie Gil

Assignment: Perfume Ad Talent: Hali B. Prop Stylist: Ryan V. Assistant: Brandon M.

Dissecting an Instant - High Speed Match Photomacrography

By: Ryan Harriman

View my full article on high speed match photomacrography on Microscopy UK's website here:


By: Sammy Castillo

Surrealism project inspired by Madonna and Child paintings of the Renaissance Period.

Flower Scans

By: Sammy Falgiani

All of these images were made using a flatbed scanner.


By: Emily Shriver

An exercise in lighting glassware Winter Quarter 2012-2013 in collaboration with classmate Arielle Hirsch.

3D Images - red blue Glasses Needed

By: Sammy Falgiani

When viewed with red and blue glasses, these photos appear 3D. Some were shot to be stereoscopic while...

Exploring Barbies and Flowers and Glass

By: Emily Shriver

Exercise in lighting metal and reflective objects using Barbies, artificial flowers, gold spray paint, and glass. Spring Quarter...

Images from Scanners

By: Emily Shriver

These two posters are made using images created with the Epson 3880 Scanners in the Kodak Lab.


By: Jolearra Tshiteya

Portraits that I shot for my visual communications class as an exploration of Richard Avedon's work.

High Magnification

By: Jolearra Tshiteya

A few images from my high mag class

Surgical Photography

By: Jolearra Tshiteya

Various surgery photographs from my surgical photography class.

The world up Close

By: Ben Lubin

Things we see every day sometimes get overlooked. The amount of detail that goes into a $20 bill...


By: Ben Lubin

The Glassware assignment from Photo I.

Sewing Machine Frequency

By: Kristin Pelc-pacheco

Image captured in High Speed Photography class using a strobe, using a long exposure on the digital camera,...

Liquid Scanography

By: Ben Lubin

Images from my Scanners as Cameras class. All images were made using a flatbed scanner.

Big Shot Live Stream

By: Ben Lubin

I was tasked with live streaming the RIT Big Shot at Cowboy's Stadium with only equipment available...

Visualizing Projection Systems

By: Ben Lubin

I performed a study on visualizing the quality of a projector through different means. I presented the results...

Imaging Systems Book

By: Ira Morris

This book was made for my Applied Imaging Systems Minor. I wrote, designed, and used my own images.

Spring 2013 Portfolio Singles

By: Joshua Barber

Portfolio Singles from my entry to the 12th Annual What We Do photojournalism contest hosted by the...

Polarized Microscopy Winter 2012-2013

By: Sarah Oros

Polarized Microscopy Winter 2012-2013

Mary's Reach Photo Documentary

By: Sarah Ann Jump

A photo documentary about Mary's Place, a refugee outreach center in Rochester, NY. Published as a magazine.

The White Project

By: Drew Swantak

These two images are a small selection from a larger series begun in September 2013.