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Introducing concepts that become tangible, visible works of art: photography, moving images, designs, products, publications, or electronic forms of communication that represent our means of expression as a society.

Hearing (auditory perception) is one of the most important senses in our human bodies. There are millions of different sounds in our world; humans perceive the sounds from the outside world to get information, and respond to them. It is beneficial to enhance hearing abilities... READ MORE
"Design for Hanging" is an experimental design project inspired by considering the way in which people store and deal with their clothes in daily life. Starting with this thought, the goal of the project is to develop products or solutions that will help people to... READ MORE
Love; which is something that everyone pursues for in life, and technology; which is something that we uses everyday in life, and with both combine there is the Luv, a perfect way to express the love using technology on daily life. Luv consisted of the... READ MORE
Teams re-vamp packaging for Wegman’s orange juice and Greek yogurt using sustainable materials READ MORE
I was attracted by the interaction between dream and reality. Not long before I started my thesis, I read Freud’s book, The Interpretation of Dreams, and it quite interested me. In Freud’s theory, the complete personality is composed of id, ego and super-ego. The... READ MORE
This paper describes my interest in the artist’s multiple and the thesis body of work created in the exploration of them. I was especially interested in the relationship of individual components I could combine to form a singular object and how the resulting object... READ MORE
My work is my research. Thinking and learning are a part of my process. The lessons and challenges in one project are merely stepping stones for the next. My body of work becomes a long series that shows a connection between each piece, slowly growing... READ MORE
Living Dragons is a 3D character design Master’s thesis project in which four visual special effects technologies (puppetry, stop motion, CGI, and motion capture) are represented with four different characters intended to represent the archetypes of those technologies. The goal is to foster curiosity in... READ MORE
Children play with interactive applications to gain knowledge in their daily life. There are different kinds of interactive applications that help educate children through visual storytelling. In reviewing the current apps available, few of them were written or designed for children with disabilities, especially children... READ MORE