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Introducing concepts that become tangible, visible works of art: photography, moving images, designs, products, publications, or electronic forms of communication that represent our means of expression as a society.

Lighting affects not only the way people seeing things, but also the way they feel. This thesis project surveys people’s health problems and needs related to environmental lighting changes, and aims to explore a product design solution to these problems. The outcomes of the project... READ MORE
Michael Peres co-authored a new textbook on the best practices for photomicrography READ MORE
James Reilly, founder and director of RIT's Image Permanence Institute, retires after four decades READ MORE
“A Zebra in the Infield” is a dark comedy about a young African American man named Rotavious from the inner-city. Rotavious is a recent college graduate and he is venturing into the suburbs to purchase a car. After catching a bus to the predominantly... READ MORE
Liana Charles has found a unique way to bring her community together — coloring READ MORE