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Introducing concepts that become tangible, visible works of art: photography, moving images, designs, products, publications, or electronic forms of communication that represent our means of expression as a society.

Teams re-vamp packaging for Wegman’s orange juice and Greek yogurt using sustainable materials READ MORE
I was attracted by the interaction between dream and reality. Not long before I started my thesis, I read Freud’s book, The Interpretation of Dreams, and it quite interested me. In Freud’s theory, the complete personality is composed of id, ego and super-ego. The... READ MORE
This paper describes my interest in the artist’s multiple and the thesis body of work created in the exploration of them. I was especially interested in the relationship of individual components I could combine to form a singular object and how the resulting object... READ MORE
My work is my research. Thinking and learning are a part of my process. The lessons and challenges in one project are merely stepping stones for the next. My body of work becomes a long series that shows a connection between each piece, slowly growing... READ MORE
Living Dragons is a 3D character design Master’s thesis project in which four visual special effects technologies (puppetry, stop motion, CGI, and motion capture) are represented with four different characters intended to represent the archetypes of those technologies. The goal is to foster curiosity in... READ MORE
Children play with interactive applications to gain knowledge in their daily life. There are different kinds of interactive applications that help educate children through visual storytelling. In reviewing the current apps available, few of them were written or designed for children with disabilities, especially children... READ MORE
With the increasing popularity of mobile devices and their apps, mobile technologies have changed the nature of travel significantly. With numerous travel apps available today, many tourists can become confused with which one to select and use. Another important factor is that a majority of... READ MORE
Medical design has the power to improve, prolong and save lives. Medical professionals and patients throughout the world face critical problems that can be addressed with design solutions developed in an academic setting. International collaboration fostered by universities can be a source of unique... READ MORE
"Potter Priest” is an animated graduate thesis film. The entire animation including credits was 8 minutes long by the time of my thesis screening at SOFA, RIT. The story was developed to show the sublimation of the spirit of an old blind potter by... READ MORE
Oil Painting 3D Scene: A Desert Survival Game Environment is a hand-painted, stylized game level. The whole environment includes desert, animals, plants, rocks, small particle effects and a shack built in Unreal Engine. This report outlines the whole production process, from the very beginning of visual... READ MORE
Getting Back the Lost is an animated graduate thesis film with a total running time of 7 minutes and 13 seconds. The film is about a girl seeking hope in a ruined and destroyed environment. Nowadays, the global environmental problem, which is due to human... READ MORE
Live visual performances are often combined with and serve as enhancement to musical performances. As a result, visual content is informed by, and responds to audio content. How does the situation change if the performance is based around visuals? Can audio accompaniment be performed independently,... READ MORE
Humor in fine art has been considered low-brow. Frequently, “serious” artists have the notion that using humor or humorous materials reduces the validity of the work. Likewise, feminism seems to have similar implications, in that the word is not taken seriously because of stereotyping; straying... READ MORE
‘The Blue Sweater’ is a journey through memories of a place and way of life that no longer exists. Memories that are now fading away and some I have already lost. I travelled back in my memory and gathered all that I remembered of... READ MORE
Mist is an abstract, animated graduate thesis film with a duration of five minutes. It is an extremely personal film, which is inspired by my childhood memories and Chinese culture. It is a reflection of my own life, which just like the fluid ink in... READ MORE
“Full Measures” is a 3D Animated Short Film about a pianist’s struggle writing the music he desires before his deadline. With musical creatures taunting him, will he defeat his nightmares in time? “Full Measures” has two meanings, it’s literally definition is “to perform a task as... READ MORE
“Fat Boy Can’t Fly” is a 3 minutes 52 seconds long animated graduate thesis film. It tells an inspiring story about how a boy whose particular flaw prevents him from flying his sword to the mountaintop along with the others, but turns his weakness in... READ MORE