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Arts, Design, & Photography

Introducing concepts that become tangible, visible works of art: photography, moving images, designs, products, publications, or electronic forms of communication that represent our means of expression as a society.

DDDD 403 Senior Thesis projects

By: Various

A sampling of senior thesis projects.

Motion Capture course

By: Various

A sampling of projects from the Motion Capture course.

Projections for Urinetown (the play)

By: John Ragone And Tishura Khan With Marla Schweppe

Students worked with Professor Schweppe to develop projections for Urinetown.

DDDD 522 Environment Design - Exterior

By: Eric Kimberly

Student created an exterior image using various techniques to create foliage, water, and wood.

3DDD Environment

By: Junior/senior Level Course

Created using Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, and CrazyBump.

Hobbit Houses -- Group Projects

By: Vcde 706 -- 3d Modeling And Motion

Each group of students designed a Hobbit House, telling as much about the resident as possible by the...

Sculpture, Installation

By: Lee Crowley

Rusted steel


By: Chelsea Fay

Sterling silver, fine silver, acrylic, resin with pigment.


By: Jaclyn Didas

Sterling silver, red cloth with thread


By: Erica Bello

Sterling silver


By: Shimon Kim

Mylar sterling silver


By: Senam Akorli

Mylar painted with thread


By: Zhenwei Chu

Stainless Steel painted with thread


By: Maureen Mac Gregor

My first photo story.

GoPro Timeslice Rig

By: Michael Richos

Time Slicing or as we may know it, “Bullet Time,” is an effect most famously achieved in...

Catching Video Pirates

By: Jake Deboer

A method is proposed for embedding data on a digital motion picture to be shown in a...

On-set Color Correction Tools

By: Chris Brands

One of the tools filmmakers use to achieve their vision is color correction. Color correction can...


By: James Paulius

Blockitecture is a toy that allows users to enhance their understanding of physical laws by using their creative...

Water from a Stone

By: Casey Schneider

Create multiple sizes of glass rocks that can be filled with water to fit in a variety...

Vivint Home Security Device

By: Garrett Kimble

This course was structured around the typical challenges a staff industrial designer will face when applying overarching...

Snack Station

By: Tony Han

From sharing food to sharing a conversation to sharing ideas, the innate sociability of communal eating facilitates...